Caring Realty finds Kittens purr-fect home in Los Angeles by sponsoring Kitten Palooza at spclaLA

Caring Realty is sponsoring Kittenpalooza at the spcaLA South Bay Pet Adoption Center on Saturday, July 26th from 10am–4 pm

Online PR News – 25-July-2014 – Los Angeles, CA – Los Angeles, CA—Caring Realty, a boutique real estate agency, takes pride in providing exceptional customer service in the buying and selling homes from the Valley, Los Angeles to the South Bay is now expanding to find homes for shelter animals. Caring Realty's founder melanie middien started volunteering at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Los Angeles (spcaLA) by fostering injured animals, mother cats and numerous litters in her rent control apartment. She understands that every kitten season, shelters across the country are inundated with kittens. The overwhelming number of kittens puts a huge strain on animal organizations, including spcaLA. To help spcaLA find good homes for the kittens that have come to the shelter, Caring Realty is sponsoring Kittenpalooza at the spcaLA South Bay Pet Adoption Center on Saturday, July 26th from 10am–4 pm. Since Caring Realty donates 10% of all proceeds from all home sales to local schools, non-profits and charities, Melanie Middien says, "I feel blessed that helping people either buy or sell a home can provide the proceeds that the spcaLA can use to find animals a good home. "

Caring Realty uses proceeds from home sales to find homes for animals.

Kitten season starts in late March and lasts until November. During this time, a fertile cat can average three litters, which can produce anywhere from 12 to 18 kittens. In seven years, one female cat and her offspring can theoretically produce 420,000 cats. These numbers can only be contained by spaying and neutering.

With the large number of kittens comes a lot of work. Unlike older cats, which are available for adoption almost immediately, kittens are required to stay longer. “Most of the kittens that come in to spcaLA must be bottle-fed and cannot be adopted out until they are at least eight weeks old,” says spcaLA President Madeline Bernstein. “The dedication of spcaLA staff and our foster volunteers is instrumental in finding them homes.” Melanie Middien tries to encourage animal lovers to apply for the foster program. "Fostering animals is one of the best volunteer opportunities any one can ever experience. Nothing is more fulfilling than nursing a sick animal back to health or the joy that comes from fostering a litter of kittens," says Melanie Middien.

Kittenpalooza will feature dozens and dozens of kittens and older cats for adoption. Adoption fees for cats are $18.77 and include spaying and/or neutering, current vaccinations, certificate for a free veterinary examination and a temporary carrier. Melanie Middien, " Being a mother of two active boys and an animal lover, I understand the needs of finding the right home for an entire household whether family members go, "wah!", "meow" or "woof."

Caring Realty is a boutique real estate agency that gives at least 10 percent of all profits to charity. The spcaLA's South Beach Adoption Centeris located at 12910 Yukon Avenue, Hawthorne, CA. For more information on Kittenpalooza visit

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