Gold Coast Tyres Announces Offering High End Computerized Vehicle Alignment Service

Gold Coast tyres has announced that they are now offering high end computerized vehicle alignment services.

Online PR News – 28-July-2014 – Gold Coast, QLD – Gold Coast Tyres announced a few days ago that they were offering computerized alignment services. The service is reputed for selling some of the best tires from an array of manufacturers across the country and even from abroad. The introduction of their high end computer vehicle alignment services seems like a natural addition to their core service since a growing number of businesses are already offering vehicle alignment services in addition to tire sales. However, East Coast Tire and Auto have said that they have the very best tire alignment experts working for them and use the latest software to align every vehicle to its manufacturing default for best performance.

Any time you feel like your car may be slipping, or you may lose control slightly over a wet road indicates a problem with your suspension. Vehicular experts also strongly advise that people who get their suspension overhauled or repaired also get their tires aligned for the best performance. However, one of the reasons why most people don’t get their tires aligned is because their suspension and alignment erodes ever so slightly every day and so they are not able to detect the minor yet significant alignment issues that are happening. But misalignment will eventually effect the wear of the tires and regardless of if they are new it will mean that they are wear out unevenly and hence will need to be changed much earlier than they otherwise need to.

“We strongly advise that all our clients get their tires aligned at the time when they get new tires. This is to ensure that their cars are properly aligned which extends the service life of their new tires. However, because not every alignment service can be trusted we have decided to offer high end alignment services in house plus we have competitively priced our services. So, people can easily opt to get their new tires aligned right after we have fitted and balanced their new tires free of cost,” said one of the managers working for East Coast Tire and Auto. “We can guarantee a top notch alignment service regardless of the vehicle type and size.”

East Coast Tyre and Auto is one of the most recognized and established tire sellers on the Gold Coast. They are often referred to as having the best Gold Coast tyres that money can buy but at a price that is way lower than competing sellers. Their website allows for people to order the tires they need directly online after which they are delivered to their doorstep, which is unlike any other service currently being offered in the city.

More information about East Coast Tire and Auto and their latest selection of tyres can be found by visiting their website: People can also call up the company for more information or to order the tires of their choice, if they know exactly what they want according to the company.

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