Web Design Company Gives Back to Community With Slime

Synchronicity Web Designs engaged in a creative fundraising campaign to benefit The Sandbox, a local nonprofit.

Online PR News – 30-July-2014 – Charlotte, NC – July 2014 -- Synchronicity Web Designs, a Charlotte, NC web design company, recently engaged in a creative fundraising campaign to benefit The Sandbox, a local nonprofit outreach service for children and families affected by cancer or other life-altering illnesses. The idea was for the public to vote for one of three “torments” for Randy Smith, the Principal and Lead Designer of Synchronicity, but not without a good reason.

Randy didn’t mind the public humiliation. “I’ll do anything for a good cause, even if it means wearing a dress, eating dog food or being slimed.” For the entire month of May, anyone could cast a vote (and donation) of $1 to decide Randy’s fate. Thanks to the generosity of the friends of Synchronicity and The Sandbox, the charity got a sizeable donation and the Synchronicity team got a good laugh. Randy’s torment was to have a bucket of slime dumped on his head.

The Sandbox supports patients and their families in the North and South Carolina regions during the most tumultuous times in their lives so they can focus on believing and healing. For more information on the Sandbox, you can visit their website at http://gotsandbox.org/

For more information on Synchronicity Web Designs, you can visit their website at www.syncdesigns.com.

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Synchronicity Web Design
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