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The company MMO-Best ranked only selected the top five suggested wow gold site, only for your reference, and MMO-Best highly recommend the sites listed below.

Online PR News – 04-August-2014 – Pasadena, CA – In MMOrpgs gold trading, "World of Warcraft" is the first, and many game players improve the gold demand according to every new game expansion.It does not take a lot of effort to get gold for the game it just takes investing some time. There are 6 main ways to get gold: Gathering skills, Trade skills, Daily Quests/Quests, Grind Areas for drops(pets etc that can be sold on AH), Grinding Out Instances(if you are a healer or tank, other classes can have a longer wait time getting into instances) , Play the Auction House, and Buy it.

We can buy World of Warcraft gold from lots of companies, which have their own well-known area, so the company MMO-Best ranked only selected the top five suggested wow gold site, only for your reference, and MMO-Best highly recommend the sites listed below.

MMO-Best consider the rank from the following aspects :
Availability: World Of Warcraft - US; World Of Warcraft - EU; Other MMORpgs Serive
Delivery:24/7 Servicel
Site Options: Live Chat ; Phone Support ; eMail Support ;
FAQ Section: Order Tracking; Low Price Guarantee
Payment Methods: Credit Card; Paypal
Points Of Focus: Safe,Reliable, Cheap, Legit, Fast

Top Rank - 1 : MMOcarts - is one of the first sites to start virtual currency business since 2006, 8years Wow Gold Selling Experience, one of the leading companies in the RMT market, and MMOcarts is the most reliable and efficient Gold sellers for world of warcraft on the web, it has earn great reputation during mmo lovers. is the best in terms of reliability, delivery and availability, Gamers can buy WOW Gold from them safely.

They Say - Transaction Testimonials:
I have been using this company for all my external games need to powerlevel to gold. They've never failed me, and if the made a small mishap they compensate it with something. Prices are always low and trusted name in the business.
I have been dealing with MMOcarts for sometime now, the gold is always delivered fast,great service, the best service that you can get,a very happy customer. I highly recommend you use them too. customer support reps are probably the best I have ever had a chat with their nice and not robots for sure. I bought bulk of WoW gold from them though they were dry on my server it took them 1-2 hours and sent me my gold ASAP. Worth the investment to this company.

Top Rank - 2 : VIPGolds - is an innovator in massively multiplayer online game industry . They maintain leadership position in MMOG industry by offering best service, secure transactions, and competitive prices.

They Say - Transaction Testimonials:
Great service,fast returning custome!Will go back to buy wow gold here,Come and join us!
Thank You for the quick delivery of my order even tho the wrong realm was given.. It was extremely fast and appreciated!!
Fast- Cheap- Friendly These guys are one of the best out there, and Ive tried a bunch!They do stand by their word. I got my wow gold very quickly. Thanks guys!

Top Rank - 3 : WoWWowGold - is dedicated to serving MMORPG gamers around the World by providing services for the more tedious aspects of game play since 2006, The site has grown enough and it’s one of the most reliable and used currency seller on the net. Well done support, good prices company.

They Say - Transaction Testimonials:
They basically list reputable shops that sell gold and you can compare them to find out which shop is legit-safe. I'd recommend giving it a shot :).
I find is the best site i have used to buy safe wow gold and friendly.
it is my most trustable site, i love their guy and fast delivery, thank you

Top Rank - 4 : WowGoldSafe -

WowGoldSafe is one of the best website for game currency,especailly for world of warcraft gold. They are a reference in terms of security, honesty and got a great customer service, and They also provide real refunds, they have served more than 500,000 customers in total, they have gain high reputation in WoW, Rift, Aion , DFO and other MMO Industry.

They Say - Transaction Testimonials:
Usually Wowgoldsafe has the best prices for WOW gold and they price match. Customer service is very good and deliver is fast.
I highly recommend using them to buy does not offer any other services than selling gold and only provide services for World of Warcraft.
Wowgoldsafe is the safest one which i have used for mmo gold, I used bought wow gold and aiongold for three years.

Top Rank - 5 : OKGold -

OKGold, Located in united kindom, It takes the role of advocate oneself to provide cheaper world of warcraft gold For EU or Uk Or Us Game Lover, fast deliver and best services and ensure 100% security to customer's account.

They Say - Transaction Testimonials:
They did great; it was quick and very helpful with problems.
Amazing! Really cheap wow gold prices and instant delivery…
Good and trustworthy company, bought both wow gold and powerlevel services.
Excellent very fast wow gold delivery i'm very satisfied with this service and i'll use it again

The choice of what kind of virtual currency companies can not rely solely on awareness should also be according to their actual situation, for their own is the best.Please email me your reviews and feedback on these companies as I need this information to rank sites accordingly.

Have a good world of warcraft journey.

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Pasiaboat Network founded in October of 2006, is one of its leading Eu and Us buying wow gold online shop, they have served more than 500,000 customers in total, they have gain high reputation in WoW, Rift, Aion , DFO and other MMO Industry.

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