Next Generation Software: Aptugo Now In Open Beta

What's next in web system building? Aptugo seems to be the most accurate answer

Online PR News – 22-August-2014 – New York - August, 22 2014 – After a very successful closed beta stage, Aptugo is now open to provide a taste of what web system development will be starting from 2015. Aptugo creates tailor-made software in just minutes, without any barrier. The replacement for every CMS in the market is nearly here.

We all are used (and getting tired) to have our websites and systems handled by a huge CMS. A tailor-made solution is too expensive as developers are busy. What's the alternative? Until today, it was to hire a development firm, cross your fingers, and get a tailor-made software six months later. Aptugo was created to be the missing link between modern web development and the end-user, jumping over the disadvantages of both tailor-made and CMS usage.

Aptugo produces complex web applications in matter of minutes. Bounds? No, thank you!

It helps small business owners by creating their own applications for free, saving money and providing a management software made exactly as the user needs it, no extra options/fields/learning curve needed. After just following a 60 seconds wizard their software is instantly produced and they can start loading inventory items, customers base, or anything their business needs.

Some advantages of using Aptugo to build company systems:

Keeps you up to date: Aptugo is in constant development, and when the user thinks is time for an update, the whole updating process takes less than 1 minute and just one click.
Language Agnostic: Cobol / Visual Basic / Perl / PHP / Python... if you were in business for the last 20 years, you had to rewrite your company software entirely in those different languages. Aptugo platform is able to generate the same software in different languages, you choose it and Aptugo will build it.
Do it just once: Aptugo also helps developers and development firms reach there faster, once you built a structure with Aptugo, you can reuse it in any project you undertake, making it easy to replicate and reuse code.
Extremely fast: Software developed with Aptugo is optimized to run faster than any CMS system, websites built by Aptugo range from 40ms to 150ms without expensive hosting infrastructure. As more companies turn to Aptugo, scalability will be soon a forgotten word.
A complete list can be found here:

Aptugo comes into play just when the old methods are coming to an end. It is growing fast, and it is disrupting everything known until now. Learn more about Aptugo at

Aptugo is a software development company leaded by Gaston Gorosterrazu, a web developer with more than 25 years of experience.

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