'Doctor Erotica' - Lesbian physician writes controversial erotic novel

Dr. Soma Stanford, a lesbian Canadian physician, has written a controversial novel entitled 'Jade Wallace.' The e-book is free on Amazon Aug 30-Sep 1, 2014.

Online PR News – 01-September-2014 – Toronto, Ontario – For immediate release

Dr. Soma Stanford (authorís pen name) is a lesbian physician and writer in Canada. She is breaking boundaries with her new novel, Jade Wallace. Jade, the novelís protagonist, is an open-minded woman in her mid-twenties intent on exploring her own sexuality. Though it is a lesbian erotica novel with steamy sex scenes, itís also a coming of age story about love, loss and the search for meaning in life.

In an interview, Dr. Stanford stated that though the novel is fictional and not autobiographical, she does connect with the characters sheís created.

ďI relate to all the characters,Ē she stated. ďThatís the beauty of fiction, I recognize all these different parts of myself, turn them into characters, then make them interact.Ē

When asked why she decided to write under a pen name, she said, ďIíll Ďcome outí as a writer of erotica soon enough. But Iím still early in my medical career, and Iím uncertain about the degree to which the medical community will accept this tale of sex and experimental drug use coming from a doctor. Iíll reveal my identity when Iím ready.Ē

A major theme in the book is addiction, something that Dr. Stanford knows all too well.

ďIím substance free now,Ē said Dr. Stanford, ďthough my caffeine intake has become completely excessive since I've been clean. Thereís no doubt that Iím an addict. Iíve done almost every substance under the sun, and I know that at any moment I could go back into it. One of the goals of Jade Wallace was to explore the theme of addiction, in all its faces, in all its tricky ways. Hopefully the book will help others in that sense.Ē

ĎJade Wallace,í the novel, is scheduled for release on amazon.com for August 30, 2014, and will be free for download as an e-book until September 1, 2014.


Contact information: Soma Stanford; soma.stanford@gmail.com