goes GREEN with Wheatware began carrying an evolutionary, USA-made ‘green’ product line called WheatwareBiodegradables, including 7 new music products from WheatwareTM, the WheatwindTM Reeds for Alto Sax and Clarinet.

Online PR News – 13-August-2010 – – goes GREEN with Wheatware

August 2010. began carrying an evolutionary, USA-made ‘green’ product line called WheatwareBiodegradables. Now selling these award-winning guitar picks (2007 NAMM-Best of Show) and drumsticks (2008 NAMM-Best of Show) (2010 Best New Tools for Schools by SB&O Magazine), has also introduced to the world 7 new products of WheatwareTM, the WheatwindTM Reeds for Alto Sax and Clarinet. These reeds are not made from trees or cane, but for the first time in history, use surplus wheat crops. Already gaining quite a buzz at this summer’s Music Industry Trade Show in Nashville (NAMM), where they found overwhelming success, with customers delighted with the sound and feel, anxious to have them in their hands. Compared to quality reeds, the price is right, the product is great, and to top it off, they are made in the USA.

Says President Katherine Patton, “I have been ‘green’ since 1996, seeking to enable people to switch to ‘green’ products, for those who wish to see a brighter future. WheatwareBiodegradable products…are simply better. Better quality, better cost, better for our environment and our kids future. We need to enable people to do better. So with these fantastic products, people can make the change.

Another Tree-Saving Product from WheatwareBiodegradables
These evolutionary Wheatware reeds are unique. No wetting, no bitter taste, low price, long lasting, allergen-free, with performance said to enable beginners to quickly sound more advanced. A parents dream come true for any with children in their school’s band – these reeds aim to save them money. This can help enable music education in our schools, by making it more affordable for parents.

Once in a while something new and special comes along, that's what WheatwareBiodegradables Wheatwind™ reeds offer with a round, robust sound and easy playability. Experts are amazed as well. The tips can be additionally sanded to increase rigidity and strength offering a great performance at any level. What’s also special is that when eventually done, throw them in the garden, watch them disappear, as they will naturally biodegrade!

Made in America, Award Winning, Highly Acclaimed
Made by Wheatware™ in the USA, proclaimed a green “Solution” on CNN and a Modern Marvel on the History Channel, Wheatware has been busy the last 5 years. Reviewed in Scientific America, Oprah Magazine and dozens of publications, Wheatware has rolled out great products with a mission to use these new green products to help save ancient forests, reduce oil reliance and expand green manufacturing jobs in the USA.

Patton said, “Wheatware is simply better not only for the environment, U.S. jobs and farmers, these products offer a certain feel, tonality and even inspiration. It is our intention that Sax and Clarinet musicians worldwide will seize the opportunity to feel this inspiration and new sound as well. We are pleased made Wheatware available to their tens of millions of customers.”

Hundreds of Music Stores Have Gone GREEN Globally.
Wheatware™ is carried by over 560 music stores, in 49 states in the USA, and now sold globally in 11 countries. Wheatware™ is spreading around the planet.

Wheatware™ has been reinventing the music industry, while experiencing A LOT OF PRESS. These biodegradable products were enthusiastically received at the Live Earth International Concert Events, Leonardo DiCaprio’s ‘11th Hour’ Premiere, the Emmys Green Room, Wired Magazine’s Living Home, the 2009 Grammies and NAACP Image Awards, and at a number of high profile Film and Art Festivals.

Wheatware claims its wheat-based bio-technology could eventually be used in a wide range of applications, from cell phone covers to computers, to keyboards and mouse to office acccessories, toys, sports and medical products. Patton also said “As the public embraces these products, we can manufacture more thereby offering further products to green our world now.”

WheatwareBiodegradables and its website,, not only offer its own hard, durable Wheatware-manufactured products, but a wide range of products to Green one’s Home, Party, or Office.

Why Green?
Scientific America Earth 3.0 reported that 34% of consumers systematically buy green. Hence, the success of Whole Foods Stores. But, perhaps its time we all do better, for ourselves, our Earth, our future. Continuing doing the same as we did in the past, will put us where we are now.

Wheatware claims that this is our chance for a better homes, offices and life, while creating clean USA jobs- green collar jobs for ourselves, our children and future generations. Can these crop-based products, made from USA surplus wheat, truly be better?
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