GenScript Awarded $10 Million in Trade Secret Case against GeneWiz

Biotech CRO GenScript Compensated for Gene Synthesis Trade Secrets

Online PR News – 12-December-2014 – Piscataway –

GenScript Awarded $10 Million in Trade Secret Case against GeneWiz
Biotech CRO GenScript Compensated for Gene Synthesis Trade Secrets

New Brunswick, New Jersey (December 9th, 2014) – GenScript USA, Inc. and its affiliated companies recently won a significant jury verdict in a trade secret case against Genewiz Inc.
In awarding more than $10 million to GenScript, the jury determined that Genewiz illegally obtained and utilized GenScript’s trade secrets. The jury also returned a verdict against Genewiz for improperly hiring GenScript’s employees.

The case rested on allegations that the defendants stole confidential procedures GenScript developed for Gene Synthesis. A critical–and potentially life-saving–tool in DNA technology, gene synthesis has been a foundation of GenScript’s business for many years, leading to its recognition as a worldwide leader in the industry. The technologies have revolutionized scientific research in areas such as vaccine and other pharmaceutical development, and the production of sustainable biofuels. Applications of gene synthesis also include improving crop yield and reducing crop vulnerability to common pests and plant diseases that endanger food supplies and contribute to global hunger.

“This important victory for GenScript sends a strong reminder that there are rules for fair competition and they will be enforced. Companies like GenScript that take precautions to protect their trade secrets and confidential information have a remedy if and when competitors illegally threaten their business,” remarked Willard Shih of Wilentz, Goldman & Spitzer, P.A., who led the firm’s trial team. “The jury grasped the central issue,” Shih added, “which is that trade secrets are some of the most critical corporate assets that the law protects.”

“We are pleased with the outcome of this case,” GenScript’s Chairman of the Board and CEO Dr. Frank Zhang stated. “While the trial was long and hard fought, I applaud the jury for recognizing that GenScript’s methods to synthesize genes are trade secrets that should be protected by the law.”

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