46 Million Holiday Travelers Magnify Risks of Distracted Driving

AAA Report Estimates 46 Million Americans Will Travel This Holiday Season Raising Risk of Distracted Driving Accidents

Online PR News – 15-December-2014 – Corpus Christ/Texas – According to a AAA Report this holiday season an estimated 46 million Americans will be getting into their cars and traveling over 50 miles to visit family and friends this holiday season.

This means that many people will be traveling long distances with children and families in tow which can lead to an uptick in distracted drivers who are on the road as well.

Cell phones are only one part of the equation of distraction free driving

According to a 2011 Study conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration over 350,000 accidents occurred were caused by distracted drivers but it’s not the main culprit that many people suspect.

Though many campaigns concentrate on not being distracted by cell phones while driving the report stated that only 5% of crashes occurred while drivers were on their cell phones.

“Cell phones are only one part of the equation of distraction free driving” says Daniel Hall owner of the Backseat Nanny a manufacturer of backseat organizers. He goes on “many people are also driving with small children and other family members who also could be distracting so it’s important that drivers do their level best to keep distraction levels to a minimum.”

Many government websites like the Department of Motor Vehicles and even insurance companies have tips for drivers but the main ones are:

- Keep the cell phone turned off or hands free.
- Skip the snacks while driving or pull over while eating.
- Enlist passengers help to keep distractions at a minimum, this is especially helpful if you’re driving with young children in the car or set up a backseat organizer that they can easily access.
- Personal grooming should be done before leaving home, not while operating the vehicle.
- Instead of feeling around for objects that might be in the backseat or in the passenger seat, pull over and find them.

Some families will travel across town and some across the country but, however far the trip when armed with the right information and the proper amount of preparation drivers and their families can travel safely for the holidays.

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