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Online PR News – 16-December-2014 – sydney – With the launch of alpha release of Cake PHP 3, its considered to be a game changer . CakePHp is known to build web applications faster, simpler and require less code to functions. The basics why one should use Cake PHP are as follows:

Build quickly- building prototypes rapidly is made possible by using scaffolding features and proper code generation
No configurations- Unlike many other framework, CakePHP is ready to bake any time without even involving in the complicated YAML and XML files.
Clean MVC conventions- PHP comes in with a set of conventions to guide you in developing your applications.
Friendly license- With Cake PHP licensed under MIT license, its perfect to be used in the commercial applications.
Batterries included- Some things are inbuilt like the authentication, validation, database access, translations, caching are built in one original MVC framework.

30 long days and the wait is over. To ease out further operations to the core, PHP team is proud to announce the immediate availability of Cake PHP 2. 5. 7 with a bug fix feature in it. With a few additional features and functionalities to look forward in this version of Cake PHP, working on the development projects on this platform will be effortless compare to the other frameworks form now on.

Cake PHP is considered to be ranking in the top 4 among the most popular PHP projects worldwide. And the release of the latest version of PHP has ensured a better performance, improved session management, enhanced components and helpers, improved conventions consistency, improved ORM(Object relational mapping), and plugins and themes merged within from before.

Its a complete development solution with a functionality of a code base to be endless, making the development process faster and smoother.

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PHPProgrammer, a service wing of GetAProgrammers Pvt. Ltd., is the leading business solution service provider in Australia providing website development services with the use of modern development frameworks. If you require expert solutions from experienced and professional CakePHP Programmers. The sole aim of phpprogrammers happen to be providing the organizations across multiple industry verticals with greatest solutions. We offer a range of services, which are mainly segregated under the ecommerce platform, php Framework, and CMS development.

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