Designer Sofas4u Ltd Goes Green With Its New Chesterfield Sofas Range

Designer Sofas4u Ltd goes Green with its new Chesterfield Sofas Range

Online PR News – 24-January-2015 – Lancashire – Designer Sofas4u Ltd. has launched their new range of chesterfield sofas at discounted prices. Designer Sofas4u Ltd. has opened its chesterfield sofa sale on December 10th, 2014. The sale as promoted through electronic and print media will continue during the Christmas buying season and will end on New Year’s Eve. This range of chesterfield sofas as offered by Designer Sofas4u Ltd is one of the most impressive entries in the field of sofas in UK this year. Added attraction is the fact that Designer Sofas4u Ltd is offering the new range at discounted prices. The best thing about this new range of sofas by Designer Sofas4u Ltd is that it is green!

So what is new about this new range of sofas by Designer Sofas4u Ltd? The biggest new factor for Designer Sofas4u Ltd is that the company has growingly become socially responsible, and this new range of chesterfield sofas launched by the company is manufactured following the rules of green manufacturing. Green manufacturing is no more just a concept in the UK. Buyers today are socially responsible themselves, and they prefer organizations which show social corporate responsibility. Not only has the response of the buyers, but also the core socially responsible attitude of the company Designer Sofas4u Ltd led it towards green production. This is the first range by Designer Sofas4u Ltd which is completely manufactured keeping the green production rules in mind.

“We are glad we could achieve this goal in 2014” said the CEO of the company. While discussing the new range of chesterfield sofa launched by Designer Sofas4u Ltd at the shopping season right before Christmas, the CEO said that “it is a social responsibility of every small or large company to convert its processes to green manufacturing. One can understand the importance of green manufacturing by looking at the negatives of not following green manufacturing in future. First of all, do you want to hand over a world to your children where resources are scarce just because you used them without care? Do you? No, we do not want such a world for our children. And for that we need to be socially conscious. I do not mean to say that the companies which have still not converted their processes to green manufacturing are by choice careless. I know the costs which are involved in converting the processes from lean manufacturing to green manufacturing. I have been there. It is never an easy decision to take. However, now that the company is moving steadily towards green production, I am feeling much better about all the expenses we have borne, and all the time we have spent in ensuring that we can at our soonest start delivering products of high quality at low cost and through green manufacturing procedures”.

“I would like to add it here” said the CEO, “that green manufacturing in the field of furniture making is not just a process. It is actually a 360 degrees change in attitude of the businesses. At some point, this change costs a lot to the company who shows willingness to adopt this change. These costs are too much to bear at some point. This is because the traditional methods of manufacturing furniture items are less costly for us at the moment. Many of the older methods might not be too environment friendly. Here is the question however which I asked myself. Do I really want to be one of those business officials who have no conscious for the masses? Is profitability my only concern? Answer to this question was already in my heart. Considering the regulatory requirements and owning our social corporate responsibility, the team of Designer Sofas4u Ltd managers has spent enough time and resources on making changes to our operational cycle, our supply chain management, our distribution network, and even to our work force management policies. This was done to ensure that we do not miss on the great responsibility we all have to share. It is our corporate social responsibility. For a company like ours, where we manufacture stylish furniture, green manufacturing means a lot of change. For example, now we have a sustainable development framework to approve our suppliers and vendors. This is to ensure that every tree cut to make a furniture piece or item at Designer Sofas4u Ltd is replaced by another one”.

Designer Sofas4u Ltd is one of the most well-known furniture outlets in the UK. If you are interested in purchasing your home furniture especially the sofas online, Designer Sofas4u Ltd is your one stop solution. Designer Sofas4u Ltd has been operating in the field for quite some time now. The company has made its mark as a quality supplier of sofas in various shapes and traditional forms in the UK. Where the other forms and styles of sofas are also popular, chesterfield sofas made by Designer Sofas4u Ltd are undoubtedly their most popular items. There have been many ranges introduced by Designer Sofas4u Ltd in this year, but the latest range is very special. This is because of the unique selling point it carries. This new range of chesterfield sofa by Designer Sofas4u Ltd is developed on the rules of green production.
Designer Sofas4u Ltd has launched its new range of chesterfield sofas made through the new set of processes. The company is a very well-known name in the UK online furniture purchasing community.

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