“We offer a program enriched with special activities including art, movement and music for all of our students,”

Online PR News – 02-February-2015 – New York – NEW YORK, NY, JANUARY 27, 2015 – All children love to color and paint. According to the prestigious Montclare Children’s School (, the important thing is for parents and teachers to focus on the process not the final result or product when working with children and art. The school, which just launched a blog on their website, has chosen Art as their first blog focal point.

“We offer a program enriched with special activities including art, movement and music for all of our students,” states a representative from the school. “We believe in providing a well-rounded, stimulating curriculum, even for our youngest students. Exposure to and appreciation of the arts is an integral part of our preschool curriculum”.

Located at 747 Amsterdam Avenue in New York City, the school resides in a landmark building on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. The teacher-guided preschool programs offers activities that are designed for children that include Art, Yoga, Movement, Music, Library, Free Play, Circle Time and Snack , among many others.

Arts in preschool education is important. When two- three-, and four-year-old children make, look at, or talk about their own or others' artwork, they are developing a way to express their feelings and emotions in a safe way. They are practicing and gaining fine muscle control and even strengthening their eye-hand motor coordination.

They are developing perceptual abilities and being given the opportunity to make choices or solve problems. They are also presented with a safe way of seeing that others have differing points of view and ways of expressing them.

This is why in the blog article on their website, Montclare School encourages parents to encourage effort, enjoyment, and risk-taking rather than offering praise for 'being' over 'doing'.

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