Michael Zimmerman of Hedge Fund Prentice Capital Calls mCommerce Hot Tech Trend of 2015

Zimmerman’s announcement comes as surprising figures revealed 2014 saw a 1000 percent increase in the use of smartphones for in-store payments.

Online PR News – 06-February-2015 – New York – Michael Zimmerman, CEO of hedge fund Prentice Capital Management has named smartphone mobile payments to be his top predicted tech trend for the coming year. The prediction is backed up by Deloitte, who share the same view according to a Canadian Press article appearing on CBC News. [1]

Zimmerman’s announcement comes as the close of 2014 reveals surprising figures on the rise of mCommerce - last year saw a 1000 percent increase in the use of smartphones for in-store payments. And Zimmerman predicts that by the end of 2015, five percent of all smartphone users will have performed such transactions.

Michael Zimmerman anticipates that this year could be the "critical mass" for this kind of mCommerce, which offers customers the benefit of convenience and retailers the benefit of speed in processing payments.

Retailers have flooded into the market in the wake of Apple’s pioneering efforts with its Apple Pay mobile payments platform. With parabolic mCommerce sales trends, optimizing for mobile shoppers by adopting payment tech, and developing an app or mobile commerce web site is a must today for retailers of all sizes.

Prentice Capital's Zimmerman has long held the view that retailers need strong branding and well-planned online & mobile shopping platforms, and thinks this will put even more pressure on retailers to build strong mCommerce sites and apps.

Dan Wagner of Powa Technologies said: "2015 will be a defining year for mobile transactions, the tipping point when the process becomes ubiquitous… These changes will take place in earnest in 2015, the year when mobile commerce will come of age." [2]

Michael Zimmerman's hedge fund Prentice Capital is a financial investment advisory firm headquartered in Greenwich. The fund primarily invests in consumer and retail equity stocks.

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