55printing.com Reveals Why Bookmark Printing Is An Effective Advertising Medium

Clark of Los Angeles, CA, had to say: “I can’t stop thanking you for what a great job you have done with my bookmark printing.

Online PR News – 09-February-2015 – LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, Feb 9, 2015 – 55Printing.com is not only a premier online digital printing company, it is also an advertising medium consultant. They have been able to take ideas of yesteryear, and couple the basic concepts with the digital age. This means that consumers can simply go online to their specialized website and take advantage of their layout templates for items like cheap Bookmarks printing, and have a finished layout in a matter of minutes. The days of Bookmarks only being used for marking Pages in a book or magazine are over.

Bookmarks have been around for a long time, but only now have they taken-off as an effective Advertising method.

Bookmarks have become a popular advertising medium. They have a lot more room on them than business cards, and can be printed in full-color on one or two sides. As a give away, it promotes business at a very low cost per piece. It is quite common nowadays to see them in a neat little pile on reception counters at everywhere from doctor’s offices to the corner deli. It is another way to circulate the brand, to spread the message. People will take a Bookmark because it is free. It has a perceived value because they know it is custom printed, and will not just throw it in the trash.

55printing.com has been around for over 12 years, and have developed an expertise in printing for the advertising mediums that pull the best results. They offer a varied menu of items to choose from, including: both digital and offset print services, specializing in flyers, business cards, brochures, banners and leaflets.

Cheap bookmark printing has been getting results for many clients, Take a look at what Ron Clark of Los Angeles, CA, had to say: “I can’t stop thanking you for what a great job you have done with my bookmark printing. The bookmarks on HIV AIDS have been a hit, and people are appreciating me for the message they delivered. I must also mention your customer service which is second to none. I spoke to you several times, and the pros were patient enough to hear me out every time.”

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