Child and Family Psychology Clinic Provides Comprehensive Therapy/Intervention Sessions

Child and Family Psychology schedule individual child appointments, joint parent-child appointments to support parents.

Online PR News – 13-February-2015 – Cannon Hill, Brisbane, Qld – Child and Family Psychology is a clinical team of experienced psychologists having extensive specialization in providing scientifically validated interventions for child to teen issues and adult/family issues such as personal stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, friendship issues, food fussiness, life transitions, social skill support, mood disorders, internet addiction, courses like Triple P positive parenting program, agoraphobia, special needs support and more. Not only this, they can also cater common challenging child behaviours/concerns, including arguing with parents, hyperactivity, learning difficulties, and homework battles.

This clinical team entails four psychologists who have wide expertise in dealing with problems, including couple relationship difficulties, children’s sleeping problems, tantrums, school/learning difficulties, life coaching, to name just a few. Pauline Ogilvy, a Developmental and Educational psychologist said, “Parents can discover an ideal way to manage child psychology issues. We can help identify the issues by thoroughly examining the patient and help families by supporting and providing them information”. Paul Knowles and Janece Famularo have joined the team recently in 2015. Janece Famularo is also one of the experienced team members from Child and Family Psychology. She provides counseling and individual therapy for children with disabilities and their families and teachers.

Child and Family Psychology schedule individual child appointments, joint parent-child appointments to support parents and teenagers that help alleviating symptoms and manage family challenges by providing tools and effective solutions. For more information, visit or to resolve any query, mail at:

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Contact Number: (519) 252-7575

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