Roann B. Launches New Blog – Making Frugal Living Fabulous

In his new blog, Living Fab and Frugal, Roann B. reveals the painful reality of how easy it is to get into debt, by sharing his experiences.

Online PR News – 17-February-2015 – Johannesburg, Gauteng – Frugal living and budgeting have never been synonymous with fun. In fact, it sounds more like it would restrict rather that liberate you. Roann B. has taken on the challenge of changing our minds about that. In his new blog, Living Fab and Frugal, he explores not only how you can make saving fun, but he reveals the painful reality of how easy it is to get into debt, by sharing his experiences.

The blog is a personal account of one person who represents many. Like him, many can relate to his statement that he had so much fun in his 20s, he is now paying (literally) for it in his 30s.

This new blog will explore how to practically live frugally, such as: cooking on a budget; entertaining without spending your whole salary; drawing up and sticking to a budget; and where and when to shop for the best deals and bargains. He shares his insights about how easy it is to end up with debt, and explores the importance of “fixing your mindset” and the psychology behind money matters.

Living Fab and Fugal was originally launched via a soft launch in November to smooth out any teething problems based on feedback from its readers. Living Fab and Frugal will relaunch and you can expect bi-weekly updates from Monday, 16 February 2015.

But here’s the disclaimer, this is not a blog from a financial services provider; it’s one person sharing with others how to be frugal, and save money. It is a personal journey with personal experiences and opinions. Roann B. hopes that the lessons shared will prevent others from falling into the same debt trap. And just in case, like him, you have already fallen… he offers some advice on how to dig yourself out.

Roann B. encourages feedback and interaction with his readers, so you can be part of the journey. You can interact with Roann B. through Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest – links to all these can be found on the blog.

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