Get global standard packaging design to improve sale of product in market says Cartmelldesign

Cartmell Design Private Limited is a consultancy providing food packaging services to the companies to achieve success in marketing.

Online PR News – 13-March-2015 – Sittingbourne – Cartmelldesign – A company specialized in food and beverage packaging design states get global standard packaging design to improve sale of product in market. The consultancy guides new food companies to make suitable packet design to make marketing of product easy. New food companies face challenges in convincing consumers to buy product amidst established brands in market. Special strategies are required by a company in promoting product to potential customers and get success in marketing. Packaging designs plays an important role in conveying message of brands to consumers and convince them to buy products. Consumers are reluctant to buy new food products and eat fearing disastrous health condition later in life. Companies need to create a reputation of food product before launching for consumer for good image. To meet the challenges, this company is providing special services to companies to achieve success in marketing quickly. New food companies are taking help of designers to market the product to potential customers.

“Marketing of food products is not easy and requires lots of strategies by the companies. New food companies face challenges of creating a special image among potential customers. It is not easy to create reputation in market by the companies. The packet design of a food item plays an important role in alluring consumers to go for products. The colorful packet design can influence buying decision of consumers in shops. Adding of nutritional facts in packet helps instill confidence that food products are good for health. A good designed packet not only protect product but improves performance of sales in market. Every food item starts marketing of product in the design and helpful in increasing conversion in the market. Food and beverage product requires special packaging design to allure the customers to buy the product. Adding features prefer by consumers help in engaging visitors and convert them immediately. Get your packet design from an expert designers in market” – says Nick Cartmell, director of Cartmelldesign. He said this while addressing a press conference on the importance of packaging design in Kent, yesterday.

He continued, “Companies have an uphill task of creating reputation in market amidst established brands. The social media is beiang used for creating awareness about the products of companies in reaching to potential customers. Food branding is an essential strategy for a company to create an image and reputation in market. A separate identity can be created by a new company through branding the product in market. It increases the reputation of a company among customers and helps in overcoming stiff competition from others players. Marketing experts help should be taken by the companies in making strategies to achieve success in marketing quickly. The experts research the market and products before launching in market. It is helpful in finding out the features prefer by consumers and get more sale of product attracting the consumers”.

Cartmell Design Private Limited is a consultancy providing food packaging services to the companies to achieve success in marketing. The service is provided by experienced and expert designers and marketer after analyzing the market. The services provided by company are public relation, digital media, graphic design, and food marketing services. In fact, it is a one-stop shop for companies to get designing to marketing of products successfully across the channels. To get our services or to know more about our services, visit our official website:

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