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There are lots of kid’s skateboard lessons you have to teach them in order for them to become good at this very sport and one of them is how to properly wear th

Online PR News – 15-March-2015 – NU – There are lots of kid’s skateboard lessons you have to teach them in order for them to become good at this very sport and one of them is how to properly wear their skateboarding shoes and how to tie them as well. Wearing and tying them well means securing them from accidental falls due to the wrong way of wearing these shoes. They should Endeavour to wear the proper footwear and make sure that the soles are flat. With flat soles, these kids have more control over the board and chances of accidents are greatly reduced, they won’t be slipping off the board and falling on the ground anytime soon.Now for kids, shoes are the most important but there are other protective gears they should be taught about before they start skateboarding. There is a reason why protective gears are there, they protect people from injuries. If your kid is just starting to learn how to skateboard and he or she is a kid, then you need to let them take kids skateboard lessons, it will help them understand the important of protective gears. The helmet is one of the most important gears to be worn and taught about because it prevents injury to the head which can sometimes be fatal. The helmet should have strong straps, they should also learn to wear knee and elbow pads once they begin to skate, never underestimate the protective powers of these gears. These pads protects them from having bruises and scratches when they fall which is almost inevitable. Another important kids skateboard lessons that an adult should consider is that it is better to train a kid on the grass first before moving on the serious part which is the concrete surface. You may never have heard this or may think it’s a waste of time but you will be doing that kid a very big favor if you start on the grass. You may think that grass is not a smooth surface and may not be necessary but it is important for beginners especially if they are kids. Kids and beginners need a surface that isn’t smooth and creates friction during the initial part so that the board doesn’t move too fast. Teach them the movements first on the grass, it is very essential and once they master it, it will be easier for them on any concrete surface. Practicing on a concrete floor doesn’t necessarily mean a flat surface but this is one of the most important kids skateboard lessons that instructors as well as adults teaching their kids how to skate should know about, the surface must be flat. How do you check if the ground is flat enough for your kid? All you have to do is place the skateboard on the ground and check if it rolls or moves from side to side, if it does, then that ground isn’t flat and not safe for that kid. If it doesn’t move then you are good to go. It is important if you want to prevent ugly accidents from occurring.

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