The time to fly has came at last

Do you want to fly like a bird? Yes, that is possible.

Online PR News – 23-March-2015 – Dellas, Texas – Do you want to fly like a bird? Yes, that is possible. The first personal flying machine has been devised that can bear the load of 70 kg weighted person for five minutes. The machine has an intricate design of motors, propellers and inflated landing gear with hexagonal frame. The electric powered aircraft is subjected to vertical take-off and a single person can control its landing. The aircraft is useful for personal recreation, and best serves one’s desire to fly freely.

Using the logical concepts of science and technology, the aircraft is designed to give a real life flying experience to the users. The device fulfills the human dream to fly and that too within a recreational setting. As per the design experts, the device has a customized setting that is user friendly. Built in a time span of one year, the device has a sophisticated engine that helps you to fly anywhere you like.

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