TopwHats, Inc. announces release of zSpreads sports gaming site

zSpreads- A new social networking sports gaming site where you play by predicting spreads of future games.

Online PR News – 25-March-2015 – San Diego, CA – TopwHats, Inc. announces the release of its social networking sports gaming site, . zSpreads is a brand new way of playing the spreads in sports games. Instead of betting win/lose by a spread, you actually predict final spreads. You do so on a collection of games, and after all the games are over, you see how you did compared to all other players, members of groups you create or join, and players you follow.

When you play any given day, you participate in that day's 1-day challenge, a 3-days challenge for that day and the following 2 days, and a 7-days challenge for the week beginning that day. Plus you automatically participate in season-team-challenges for all teams that are in games in which you predict the spread.

“People love to augment to their sports-watching experience, especially with games that are amenable to betting,” said Ephraim Feig, TopwHats founder and CEO. “There are plenty of online fantasy games for regular season games and pyramid-style games for final playoffs. zSpreads is right along with those, but it adds new elements of strategy that are not in the other games.”

TopwHats is a producer of online social networking applications.

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