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Hair loss can be attributed to many factors including age and genetics. Suffering from hair loss or hair thinning can indeed take a toll not just on how one looks but also on how one feels.

Online PR News – 27-August-2010 – – Hair loss can be attributed to many factors including age and genetics. Suffering from hair loss or hair thinning can indeed take a toll not just on how one looks but also on how one feels. With the latest technology in hair transplant Los Angeles, people with balding heads are given fresh new hope. The good thing about the present hair transplant technology is that no one would ever know that a patient has had transplant surgery.

One company to rely on for discreet hair transplant surgeries is New Look MD Hair Transplants, a Los Angeles-based hair surgery clinic. This hair transplant clinic is well known not just for its successful surgeries but, more so, on its ability to satisfy its customers from consultation to post-surgery stages. Honesty and integrity are also valued much so a patient can easily walk in, ask questions, consult with professionals and get to have straight answers and solutions for his particular hair loss problem. Of course, on top of that, every patient also gets top medical results based on credible and advanced medical services provided by the New Look MD Los Angeles professionals. Hair transplant Los Angeles has never been this good and never been much effective.

The modern technology used by this hair transplant Los Angeles medical group is called pinpoint hair restoration. This method allows hair to grow exactly as natural occurring hair – in follicular clusters of one to four hairs at a time. This is one big plus to the service as it can lead to permanent natural hair restoration. This procedure is done by getting hair from donor areas and by relocating the hair follicles to the problem area. This is one major reason why the method of pinpoint hair restoration is most successful in patients regardless of the level of hair loss or age.

One quality that is preferred by the hair transplant Los Angeles patients is the fact that a patient is given transplant surgery after detailed consultation and planning. The patient’s hair loss condition is first evaluated and long-range planning is done in order to deal with specific present and future hair loss factors. Factors assessed by the New Look MD surgeons include hair loss family history, patient history, dry and wet measurements of bald areas, donor measurement and density, patient wants, recreated hairline and others.

The hair transplant Los Angeles doctor, after doing the above-said evaluation, will develop a detailed surgical hair loss treatment plan. This, in essence, will serve as a blueprint of your present condition and as a guide for the new look treatment. Precise measurements are taken so a patient will know exactly what to get after hair transplant surgery. The patient will be informed of the precise number of grafts needed as well as the needed period for complete treatment.

All these are offered by New Look MD and hair transplant patients have never gotten this much before. With this kind of medical approach, hair loss and hair thinning will become less and less of a permanent problem.

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