MEŽ Interactive Universal Checkout e-Commerce Platform Unites the Internet

See-Click-Purchase any item in any Video or Photo: blog, Facebook, Twitter, and checkout & pay from ONE Universal e-commerce platform backed by Amazon Payments!

Online PR News – 08-April-2015 – Las Vegas, NV – White Square Media, Inc. launches next-gen MEŽ Interactive Media service that provides Universal Checkout and Payment. Stream a video from youtube or vimeo over to WSM’s service platform, and then use our MEŽ Interactive plugin. Now every item in that video becomes shoppable! From makeup, shoes, to the music download - EVERYTHING!

*Universal Cart & Checkout backed by Amazon

Post the MEŽ Interactive video to your blog, share it to Facebook, and not only does the video remain Interactive, but also the cart and checkout remain Universal.

Traditional e-commerce portals become obsolete

*Unified social media

"We disrupt the disruptive technologies!" jokingly said by Andrew Incorvia, Founder & CEO, "Think of how people shop today from different channels. Let’s say we see a photo of a pair of shoes on facebook, a picture of a dress in a tweet, and jewelry and music in a video on a blog. You’d spend hours hunting all that down, and you’d need various accounts at different merchants to handle the checkout process."

*Traditional e-commerce portals become obsolete

Andrew elaborates, "With MEŽ, now you can add the shoes from facebook, add the dress from twitter, and then shop the entire video on the blog. When you’re done, just click the cart on any MEŽ product from any channel and checkout and pay all in ONE transaction! The MEŽ Photos and Videos now become the e-commerce portals. No more having to search and waste time with multiple accounts with different merchants."

Live examples: MEŽ Interactive Photo ; MEŽ Interactive Video

"There is a lot a heart behind the development of MEŽ!" Andrew exclaimed. "We're pioneers of Interactive Technologies, yet we have had to struggle due to self-funding. In other words, MEŽ was conceptualized back in 2007, prototyped in 2011, and now finally released into commercial beta to build awareness. Imagine what’s backlogged in our pipeline? Tech that would have even helped Sony with anti-piracy. We have to be taken seriously as we’re transforming e-commerce. Now we really could use a partner, and some much needed funding. Amazon are you listening?"

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