Cabin Truckers Delivers Action Packed Entertainment

CABIN TRUCKERS airs on Cottage Life Network is distributed by Blue Ant Media and Produced by Toby Dormer Carlo Massarella, Greg Donis and Laura Garcia.

Online PR News – 19-June-2015 – Los Angeles, California – ĎCABIN TRUCKERSí DELIVERS ACTION PACKED ENTERTAINMENT

The Kernerís are no strangers to Television and after getting a taste of it on ĎMassive Movesí it was apparent that they needed their own TV show.

CABIN TRUCKERS, followís the Kerner family (Wadeís House Moving and Heavy Hauling) and their complicated 60 year old business of hauling colossal cabins and homes across rocky, mountainous terrain delivering precious cargo to families who want a remote picturesque retreat.

Each episode is jammed packed with action leaving viewers at the edge of their seat. The movers endure laborious work in extreme weather temperatures and unpredictable conditions Ė all while delivering under impossible deadlines. Simply put Ė Itís great TV.

CABIN TRUCKERS season one, airs on Cottage Life Network and is distributed by Blue Ant Media International. Created by Remedy Productions Canada and produced by Toby Dormer Carlo Massarella, Greg Donis and Laura Garcia. Remedy Productions Canada is a new company that is a part of the Argonon Group. Lead by president, Toby Dormer who was among Broadcast Magazineís ĎHot Shotsí and named as ĎFuture 500í business leader by the Observer newspaper.

We recently had the opportunity to chat with the Nominated Showrunner/Series Director Greg Donis and Supervising Producer Laura Garcia to get the behind the scenes scoop on CABIN TRUCKERS.

Q: Producing reality shows seems like a cool job. How did you get your start and whatís it like to produce reality TV?

GD: I attended the Academy of Art University in San Francisco and took their motion pictures and Television program. I then went onto direct cartoons. One being well known, Beast Machines: Transformers. I spend some time in video games and was the creative producer on the Madden NFL Football and Nascar Thunder. After that I jumped into directing and producing reality TV and created, exec produced and directed Liviní Loud a reality series that I sold to MTV Australia. Producing reality TV is a passion of mine. Itís chaotic, fun, creative. You jump a bunch of hurdles to package a show and hopefully the viewers are entertained.

LG: I didnít go to film school but I did start working in the industry right after high school on indie films and Made for TV movies and then in the early 2000ís I was a offered a job to work on the L Word TV series assisting the creator/executive producer, Ilene Chaiken. Working with Ilene was an invaluable experience because there is no school on how to become a producer but learning from one of the best creator/producers in the business definitely helps. As a producer you wear many hats and are often thrown into the wild Ė but thatís also what I love about it. To produce reality you have to be able to adapt and take on any role. On this series I also wrote, directed and even drove the camera van - not all at once though!

Question: What did you find appealing about Cabin Truckers as a concept?
GD: The most appealing part for me about this concept is working with the cast and their cowboy ways of moving houses. When making reality TV, youíre always at the edge of something going sideways so when you see it all come together itís very satisfying. Itís like trying to harness a wild bull!
LG: What I found the most appealing about Cabin Truckers was that people actually do this for a living! Also working along side an all-star, award-winning, veteran team of producers such as Toby Dormer, Carlo Massarella and Greg Donis.
Question: To most people house movers help load furniture and boxes into moving trucks. Whatís it like to see these house movers in action?
GD: I was always amazed that these movers could haul these houses, some of them weighing 90 tons through roads that you could barely fit a small car through. They donít give a F#@$ with whatever hurdle they are faced with they just keep going like the energizer bunny.
LG: There were so many things going through my head the first time I saw a house loaded on a trailer and driving down the highway but mostly I was just impressed. The Kernerís have been moving houses, literally, since the 1950ís and it shows Ė theyíre proís!

Q. Itís a known fact that reality TV isnít so real. Some things just canít be written. Whatís the best ĎREAL MOMENTí for you in the series?
GD: The best real moment for me in the series was when a chimney came crumbling down nearly missing one of the movers. Another moment was when a house crashed into the neighbourís garage. Even then, the movers were always calm and cool. And remember these houses weigh anywhere between 45-100 tons, so staying calm and cool isnít so easy.
LG: For me, the scariest moment was when Filipís truck almost tipped over! It was the middle of winter, the roads were covered in snow and ice and his truck slid into the ditch. That was real and scary.

Question: What can you tell us about the cast off-camera?
GD: The cast off-camera are extremely nice guys who treat you as one of their own. We had lots of laughs no matter how intense the move was.
LG: They are hilarious. They work hard or as they like to say, ĎGet erí done!í but they also like to have fun and joke around.

Question: Will there be a season 2?
GD: As for season 2 I know there are a lot of viewers out there that want it. Iím certainly hoping for it. It would be fun to do another round.
LG: We love this show, so we have our fingers crossed tightly for a second season. Blue Ant Media International is doing a phenomenal job of pushing and selling the show. It excites me to know that the people around the globe will get to see the show and meet these fantastic characters.

Question: Are you able to share with us whatís next for you?
GD: Iím always continuing to develop new concepts and I have a few irons in the fire. Currently, developing a concept with Chris Burkhardt, owner of Canned Ham Man who restores vintages trailers in California.
LG: Yes, Iím working on the 5th season of Stars on Board (MBC) and also in development on a few reality projects.

Watch episodes of CABIN TRUCKERS by clicking here.

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