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In more than 50% of the organization need professional and experienced accountant to handle their projects.

Online PR News – 22-June-2015 – Calcutta – In more than 50% of the organization need professional and experienced accountant to handle their projects. Accountants have to deal mostly with the financial matter of the company. He/ She have to manage the portfolios of the company and handle all the transaction details within a stipulated deadlines. Accountants are of many types and their roles may vary with their positions in the company.

Accountant Roles in Companies

Accountants are now more important in industries for
Checking Time management prospects
Adapting working environment quickly
Good Communication skills to handle clients
For loyality and honesty in work
Good leadership capabilities
Business Development and decision making capabilities
Audit and management capabilities
To work internationally
To have a perfect finance business partners.
To maintain stability.

Accountant Salary

Accounting field is gradually changing and the need of an professional accountant is always a tough task for organization. Professionals with all such requirement is hard to find as organizations want to hire people who can work with them as lifelong. A professional accountant can earn an average salary of Rs 1, 93,428 per year or 16000/month depending upon experiences and skills. The highest paying jobs associated with accountant, cost accountant, general ledger , tax compliance.


To become an expert accountant you need to be strong in logical and problem solving with good communication skills. Before joining any accountant firms you need to be practiced your skills in one of the top accountant institute and can be the master of accountancy. For example you might have an internship programs where you can ask to audit top companies and collect data which will definitely help you to have a success in your career. You can also join a small firm where you can deal with various clients and can gain experience .

Pros and Cons for Accountant

A wide range of career choices
Gain Experienced to know where to invest and can have proper business decision.
A well respected career

Heavy workload at the end of financial year
Pressure to keep constantly changing the business activities

What ICA brings for You

The Institute Of Computer Accountants , a leading computer accounting institute brings you industrial accounting course (CIA & CIA+) where you can learn all accountant prospect which will help you in professional career. ICA started its journey in 1999 and now become pioneer in the field of vocational training. We have successfully placed over 3 lakh +students across india with 450+ centers. We are awarded as Global Quality Awards 2014 for excellence in vocational training. We offer workshop and seminar at regular intervals. After successful training , ICA will provide you an ATJ Card where you get 100 % Job guaranteed assurance to various MNC s. After completing CIA/ CIA+ you can have a bright career in the field of
1) Accountant Manager
2) Audit Professionals
3) Tax advisor
4) Corporate Finance Manager
5) Business Recovery Professionals

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