CSOFT’s TermWiki among Top-10 Wikis Worldwide

TermWiki, the cloud-based, collaborative terminology management tool, is now one of the top-10 Wikis worldwide, as listed in Wikipedia’s List of Wikis.

Online PR News – 10-September-2010 – – Beijing, Beijing TermWiki ( http://www.termwiki.com ), the cloud-based, collaborative terminology management tool, is now one of the top-10 Wikis worldwide, as listed in Wikipedia’s List of Wikis ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_wikis ). Since its release in May this year, the platform has grown to over 240,000 listed articles, putting it in the top 10, a list which includes Wikipedia in multiple languages. The site continues to expand at a rate of several thousand pages a day, a number which is increasing exponentially.

The ambitious project, launched by CSOFT International Ltd., allows industry insiders, tech writers, and translators to work together to create, translate and share terms and glossaries relevant to their industries and spheres of work. As a Wiki-based system, TermWiki emphasizes the controlled, collaborative model, with discussion platforms, history functions and complete traceability. This controlled approach, combined with the site’s industry and domain specific listings, have made TermWiki a reliable reference point for ISO-compliant, multilingual industrial terms. In turn, the platform’s multiple-format export functions enable technical writers and translators to use the terms in authoring and translation memory software, to drive up accuracy and consistency in both source and translated documents.

TermWiki’s success has been accelerated by its popular, regular term and translation competitions, open to the public. One translator recently won a 64GB iPad for his efforts in translating a number of terms into Japanese. Immediately following this competition, TermWiki began a new competition offering a $50 Amazon gift voucher to the individual who submits the most entries to the ‘Term in the News’, by October 15. Similar competitions will be run on a regular basis in the future.

TermWiki also provides translators with free professional development opportunities. The site contains multiple social networking functions, as well as translation review polls; highly rated translators have high exposure to industry professionals working in their specific sector. TermWiki also operates a ‘give one take three’ model, meaning that for every term added or uploaded to the platform, translators can export three. This enables translators to quickly and painlessly quadruple their personal glossaries, to help them raise their translation efficiency and consistency.

Ms. Shunee Yee, President and CEO of CSOFT, when asked about the driving force that lead to the release of the TermWiki terminology management system, said “As a tool, the point of technology is to truly save costs, not to increase upfront investment; it should save time, not demand additional training and require frequent maintenance. Technology should be hassle-free and, as a rule, genuinely user-friendly”.

To learn more about TermWiki, visit: http://www.termwiki.com .


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