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Now small and medium enterprises can have money-driving email campaigns at little cost and resources. Today, sending platforms are the hard artillery of a well-planned email marketing strategy; they offer customizing, sending, tracking and analyzing tools that define the success of an email campaign.

Online PR News – 10-September-2010 – – No one doubts about the importance and the profits driven by email marketing. These things have been discussed over and over again and have dispersed the last trails of related skepticism. The best thing about email marketing is that it works at any scale, as long as the marketers remain honest and respectful towards their recipients. There are so many factors that influence the outcome of an email marketing campaign, that itís hard to give a universal formula for guaranteed success. Tutorials, best practices, exhaustive examples, tips and trends can be easily found across Internet. All this knowledge will definitely show in the results of a campaign, but the most important thing is the experience, the flair, the imperceptible that surpasses the expectations. Definitely, it comes with every sent campaign that is thoroughly analyzed and improved.
All the work comes actually right after hitting the send button. Itís now that the marketer has to track emails, see how they have been delivered: which ones made it to the inbox and how many have been blocked by spam filters; see how effective was the subject line Ė the trigger for open emails; how attractive turned to be the email creative resulting in greater click rate; the number of unsubscribe requests, etc.. With regular mail clients itís impossible to track this precious data, as a result ESP (Email Service Providers) have emerged offering wow-tools to ensure outstanding email marketing results.
DirectInbox is proud to announce its recent update of the website and of the platform it provides for sending mass email marketing campaigns. On the new site, the information is updated and better structured, so the user quickly outlines the core of the ideas. New attractive tariff plans are designed to satisfy any email marketer, depending on the sending needs: the Pay-as-you-go plan and the monthly subscription plan.
The first one is intended for senders that want to reach the maximum audience with a single email. Credits are purchased whenever there is a need to send emails. Moreover, if the email credits will be consumed within a month, the company offers a 50 % discount on the price.
The monthly subscription plan is recommended for numerous campaigns sent to a preset number of recipients. The payment can be organized as a one-time transaction and the customer doesnít have to bother about the bill, or as a monthly fee for modest budgets.
Direct Inbox Company also offers Premium and Gold Full-Service value-added tools: Mailbox Monitor, Campaign Preview, Data cleansing, HTML design or redesign. Customized services are very popular among our clients.
From customersí feedback, we can claim that the platform has a high usability, is intuitive and guiding. Creating, editing, cleaning, splitting contact lists and managing unsubscribe lists is easy and fun. Senders donít need deep HTML knowledge in order to prepare and preview campaigns. If the email marketer doesnít have a HTML prepared, he can choose one from our rich templates gallery and adjust it to his promotions. Unsubscribe links are automatically added to the email body. Each message is verified by SpamAssasin and attributed a score before sending, so itís possible to enhance message deliverability to primary inboxes, increase readability and lead to a higher email open rate.
Once the sender defines the sending settings or hits the send button, the work is not over. No sitting and guessing what will happen. Right after an email campaign is sent, the marketer gets a report where he sees how his email message behaves and what worth are his efforts. The reports show detailed information about delivered emails, bounced messages, open rates, clicks, unsubscription requests, sending time. Based on this precious data, the sender analyzes his recipientsí behavior, to what messages his audience responds best, then optimizes his email creative, gets more leads and a higher ROI.

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