Sci-Dívine workshop for inner development and self-realization in Dubai

Yielding to the love and demand of the people, Sci-Dívine workshops to be held in the Middle East starting in Dubai from the 17th to 20th of September2010

Online PR News – 13-September-2010 – – Friday, September 10, Noida: Param Pujya Swami Ram Kripal Ji now to impart his pearls of wisdom and scientific techniques in the countries of the Middle East. This initiative of Sci-Dívine marks its beginning with the Sci-Dívine workshop at Dhow Palace in Dubai from the 17th to the 20th of September. The Al Safeer group of Dubai has to be duly thanked for taking the initiative to organize this event.
This workshop will be conducted by Param Pujya Swami Ram Kripal Ji, an enlightened master and divine messenger who would certainly bring about inner transformation in individuals attending this spiritual workshop. The workshops will include Maha Medha Kriya, question Ė answer sessions, individual interaction with Swami Ji and sessions on Sci-Dívine Maha Mantra and the Sci-Dívine way of living a life. The workshop will teach the effective application of thought power for physical, mental, financial and social well being at individual and organizational level.
Sci-Dívine has been providing revolutionary insights and remedies to tackle modern day ailments and stress related problems for a long time now. It has taught the students simple, short and effective Maha Medha Kriya to unleash the limitless powers of the brain and have multi-fold increase in memory, mental ability, intelligence, creativity and concentration. The Sci-Dívine workshops also aim at eliminating stress from an individualís life through the Sanjeevani Kriya. Besides, the workshops also teach several other techniques to lead a better life. Sci-Dívine advocates of a lifestyle where one would be experiencing happiness and bliss from inside while simultaneously enjoying the fruits of material success and affluence from outside.
Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Rajesh Goyal, Chairman, Sci-Dívine Governing Council, said, ďWe had been receiving several calls from the Middle East to organize Sci-Dívine workshops there but we never really took the initiative. But, now we have finally yielded to the love and demand of the people in the Middle East. The scientific techniques and Kriyas of Sci-Dívine have to be spread to every nook and corner of the world. We hope that this stride of Sci-Dívine in Dubai is just a beginning and we spread the message of love and meditation all across the world. Ē
Sci-Dívine has organized hundreds of workshops in different cities attracting an overwhelming participation from all sections of the society who are reaping immense benefits by adopting the scientific techniques of Swami Ji.
About Sci-Dívine
Sci-Dívine - The Science of Divine Living was founded by Param Pujya Swami Ram Kripal Ji with a mission to spread the message of love and meditation all over the world. Sci-Dívine offers many programmes such as Sci-Dívine Maxims, Sci-Dívine Workshops, Maha Medha Kriya, Sanjeevani Kriya, Shaktipat Dhiksha, Individual sessions etc. for the welfare of the society. At present Sci-Dívine is imparting free education to children living in slum clusters of Ghaziabad and Bulandshar at Sci-Dívine Public Schools under the ĎJhuggi Jhopadi Shiksha Sewa Missioní. Sci-Dívine programmes are also telecast on Aastha TV (9.40 am to 10.00 am), Sanskar Channel (1.50 pm to 2.10 pm) and Zee Jagran (9.10 pm to 9.30 pm) everyday.
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