Exclusive collection of Menís designer neckties from Stanley Lewis

One of the worldís most respected tie makers, Stanley Lewis, has introduced Bow Ties in Wool & Silk, Ascots in Silk Twill and the prestigious 5 Fold Tie to its latest collection of menís fashion accessories. Vibrant colors and rich textures highlight the range of luxury silk ties, all handmade by Italyís finest. The Stanley Lewis menís tie collection offers an extensive range of luxury silk ties in your choice of width and weight. Available online by visiting www.stanleygentlemen.com

Online PR News – 15-September-2010 – – One of the most respected brands in the field of menís accessories is Stanley Lewis who has recently launched a new and extensive collection of designer menís neckties. The label founded by Stanley Crinis and Anne Harding in 2008 specializes in menís fashion accessories. Other brands often try to be all things to all people; whereas Stanley Lewis is a true niche company who understands its core customer and is focused on giving their customer the most unique and expressive accessories in the world.

The menís necktie collection is extensive with all menís neckties handmade by the most dedicated and skilled craftsmen in Como, Italy. Made of the finest Italian silk available and lined in 100% wool, Stanley Lewis luxury silk ties come in a multitude of designs and textures.

To view the entire collection visit http://www.stanleygentlemen.com/products/ties/

This season sees the inclusion of Bow Ties, Ascots and the prestigious 5 Fold Tie to the Stanley Lewis collection of menís neckties. In keeping with the brands commitment to quality, Stanley Lewis Bow Ties come in a Wool & Silk combination and are of the traditional self tied style. For those of you who are new to the adventure of tying a bow tie, visit ĎHow to Tie a Bow Tieí on the Stanley Lewis website for instructions. The Stanley Lewis Ascot comes in a 100% Silk Twill fabric which is double sided for maximum use. As menís fashion becomes more exciting so does our confidence become greater and now more than ever are there endless options to help us express our own style. These Ascots come in vibrant colors and bring instant relief to a tired wardrobe. For the most prestigious in luxury silk ties, look no further than the 5 Fold Tie. Often referred to as the 7 Fold, the 5 Fold tie is truly the master of all ties. An intense and arduous process is required when making a 5 Fold luxury silk tie, and the weight and drape of the tie are derived from the careful and precise layering of silk.

To appeal to gentlemen of all ages, Stanley Lewis tie sets are available in vibrant hues as well as in delicate but rich tones, and are the perfect gift solution. Every Stanley Lewis menís tie comes in an adorable handmade branded box finished with satin ribbon, making it the perfect luxury gift choice for men. As well as tie sets, Stanley Lewis offers a collection of menís fashion accessories including designer socks, luxury scarves, 925 silver cufflinks, pochettes and more. This unique collection of menís fashion accessories has been designed ĎInspired by the need for balanceí.

To view the entire collection of Stanley Lewis menís accessories visit the link below.
http://www.stanleygentlemen.com/stores/. The link also gives in the details of the Stanley Lewis stores located in U.S, U.A.E and U.S.S.R.

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