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Chris Pizzo has taken the necessary steps to ensure that anyone who wants to gain skills to protect themselves can do so without years of training.

Online PR News – 19-September-2010 – – Most people do not put much thought into their personal safety. But in the world we live in, giving thought to how you can protect yourself and your family is something that pays in the long run. Thousands of murders, rapes, and assaults are committed every year; and that is outside of major tragedies such as school shootings or terrorist activities like 9/11. In fact, an assault occurs every seven seconds and a violent crime every six seconds in the U.S., according to the National Center for Victims and Crime.

Because of such statistics, and a personal run-in with violent crime; Chris Pizzo has taken the necessary steps to ensure that anyone who wants to gain skills to protect themselves can do so without years of training. self defense training (sometimes misspelled self defence training) is an essential part of staying safe as one goes about their day. However, the first step in gaining skills in self defense is to know there is a need.

Through public appearances, Chris Pizzo, the creator of Close Combat Training, brings to light the issues surrounding violent crime; and allows individuals to gain awareness of the training programs that are out there. More than a martial arts DVD, the program that Chris has put together contains many easily learned techniques. What this does is allows anyone who want to learn the opportunity to do just that.

With the Close Combat Training course, self defense can be learned right at home. This makes it easy for families to train together or for professionals or students with busy schedules to work on their self defense skills when and where they have time.

Chris Pizzo, through years of training, came to the conclusion that simplicity is the best way to teach (and learn) how to stay safe, and how to protect yourself in a dangerous situation. From his training and studying, Close Combat Training was born. The methods given in this DVD program date back to WWII, where it was initially developed by British Commandos to retake the streets of criminally-controlled Shanghai. Years later, this type of combat fighting was used, with a perfect service record, to battle the greatest threat the world has ever seen, the Nazis.
With the development of the Close Combat Training DVD program, everyone and anyone who wants to learn the effective and proven fighting techniques perfected years ago can do so right in the comfort of their own home. The program is affordable and easy to follow; and has a proven track record.

Further information can be obtained at Close Combat Training website.

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