Final Fantasy XV, a new offshoot of the series will appear again soon

When “Active Time Report” at PAX Prime Hajime Tabata confirmed (Game Director) that Final Fantasy 15 will appear in the coming year.

Online PR News – 31-August-2015 – america – When “Active Time Report” at PAX Prime Hajime Tabata confirmed (Game Director) that Final Fantasy 15 will appear in the coming year. A concrete date to be announced in March 2016 as part of a special event. Following talked about the progress of development and there have been some recent construction in the video demonstrates (from 16:40 min and 48:10 min..) – Also by no means final menu with the sub-items “Map”, “Drive” “Quests”, “Strategy”, “Equipment”, “Abilities,” “Magic”, “Summons”, “items” and “Collection” was briefly seen. This was followed by a detailed conecpt Style Round and some backgrounds on the design of the game world.

Recording: Active Time Report (in places other than liquid)

Then moved the vehicle (The Regalia) and driving as a game element to the foreground. Tabata said that they had changed the position of the steering wheel from right to left after lengthy discussions. As soon as one gets in the vehicle, you can choose between the automatic and manual driving mode. A decision on the automatic mode, you select a destination, and then moves to the selected location Ignis – with a “P” marked places are parking where the car is then automatically turned off. During the trip, you can look at what is happening from different camera angles. Even in this mode, you can switch between by always stop and start exploring. If you set the car anywhere from, it stays there and does not appear suddenly in another place. The vehicle also consumes fuel and if the fuel is used up, you have to push the car to the nearest service station.

Otherwise could be seen that Noctis can deal with firearms and all members of the party may also carry shields to the swords. At the outpost Caim, which lies on the sea, the quad-band can take a boat to reach the city Alcordo. On board the boat you travel in real time over the ocean, but can not control the ship itself. Rather, it is a one-way trip. The next “Active Time Report” will be held at the Tokyo Game Show (mid-September) and to more details on Luna, the fishing and the Chocobos betrayed. is safest shop to buy wow gold, fifa coins, runescape gold, swtor credits & other mmo gold.
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