Stay Uncle Launches the First Online Portal for Short Stay Bookings in Delhi

StayUncle launches the first online portal for short stay bookings in Delhi. We provide travelers and business people when it comes to short stays in hotels.

Online PR News – 04-September-2015 – Delhi – StayUncle launches the first online portal for short stay bookings in Delhi. The difference StayUncle provide travelers and business people when it comes to short stays in hotels is remarkable. It provides people with information that one would never have thought possible, while at the same time very useful.

There are numerous facts which are associated with the extraordinary services related to StayUncle which encompass a lot more than just short stays. Some of these include how the hotels are selected, and ranked or rated by StayUncle.

There are a number of hotels that are on the website for guests to choose from, and the website is extremely user friendly. For people who are unclear about the amount of money various hotels would cost them, there are options available which give people the very best choices on the same page, next to each other.
There are options such as selecting a hotel as per location and budget; this ensures that people are able to find the perfect hotel at the budget that suits their needs best. This results in higher customer satisfaction, which is another central focal point of StayUncle services.

Feedback is what drives the StayUncle information highway for its consumers and visitors.
The very concept of StayUncle which becomes plainly apparent to people is the fact that it seeks interaction and feedback. Itís not so much about telling people whatís great and whatís not, itís about listening to the opinions and feedback of people, and to present others with that information. This is an approach which is very unique to the industry, and a very new business to consumer module which has been established. Here it is the consumer which leads the way, and StayUncle provides the information further to other consumers based on their personal experiences.

The very concept of the StayUncle business module is to provide the people with an organized and well channeled information highway which is designed to provide extremely honest and unbiased information about hotels. All this information is based on users and guests personal experiences, and not on marketing gimmicks which are a part of advertising.

The prime focus of the website is currently the Delhi and NCR region. The features offered by StayUncle ensure that guests and visitors are well aware of the services and quality of the hotel they choose. In addition to this there are also tariffs that are for 12 hours mentioned on the website which is what gives users a clear idea of what it will cost them. The user does however have the option of selecting different hours and timings to choose from, according to their convenience and requirements.

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