Clickcool announces the launching of its activities to serve regional companies in Switzerland

In an oligopoly situation, Clickcool wants to attract a market share still not exploited in Switzerland, USA and Europe

Online PR News – 09-September-2015 – Lausanne – This startup based in Lausanne aims to be focused on the small enterprises, assessing their professional activities and giving them the tools to succeed on their field through its website.

Clickcool announces its official launch

What is a virtual shop window on Internet?
Clickcool propose to each client a page dedicated to them where they can add all information about his business. It can be an alternative to a classical website. Adding pictures, his information will be optimized and potential customers will be fully informed.

Why this focus?
Today is essential for a company, no matter its size, to be visible in Internet. Clickcool gives an answer to these needs adapting their concept to the new technologies.

Clickcool wants to rethink the traditional thought to be significantly more powerful than its competitors. We know that data in some sites can be misinterpreted by the algorithms of Google.

That’s why we developed our own algorithm. Our web architecture is developed in a way that the local content of a company will never be misinterpreted for the Google Local and Pigeon algorithm.
Technological advantages: your company will be optimized through Clickcool.

We value our client’s work: we know it’s important to add a local content optimizing the shop windows, advertising and features with the specific keywords.

That’s why we developed a positioning system in a such a way your potential clients will become your clients.

Clickcool is not only that...”Hummingbird” is also integrated on its development: Google recently started to translate customer’s intentions. For Clickcool is therefore important to position efficiently your future customers putting all its energy to these small merchants.

The future is here thanks to Clickcool: no need for a special certification or advertising agencies services to be relevant. Clickcool do it for you, easy and quickly!

The semantic reformulation, the ultimate goal and the localized content are essential points to improve your referencing of your identity
The semantic reformulation, the ultimate intention and localized content are the key points to help the SEO of your identity in the search engines, offered by Clickcool through its revolutionary platform.

Business model:
« Our secret: to propose to our clients a tool more than a service » and also a personalized support in order to increase the visibility of his commercial activities on internet, for only CHF 3.60 per day- the same price of a coffee!

Clickcool Financing
Clickcool wishes to support emerging companies. That’s why it proposes financing advantages adapted to their liquidity, paying their bills for example in 90 days.

“We think this marketing approach will help to many merchants of the region” says Elena, marketing and communications Manager at Clickcool.

Nadia Araba, co-founder at Clickcool:
“Thanks to its technology and innovation, Clickcool will become soon one of the main Swiss companies on this field, offering even more efficient performances to new companies. This new website is an important step for a new independent structure.

Moreover, this new concept will allow to us to locally sustain small companies, reinforcing for the next few years our presence while keeping our innovation on the digital marketing.

About Clickcool
Clickcool is a growing company which already has 6 employees. It is based in the Lausanne area and wants to recruit 5 sales managers on the 3 next months.

Its head office is based at rue Mauborget 12 in Lausanne (Switzerland)

Steven Hori
Founder of Clickcool

Tel: 0216530631

Contact Information
Clickcool SA
Rue Mauborget 12
Lausanne Vaud, 1003