Mumbai, Maharashtra, 12th September: Gubbi Constrochem Pvt.Ltd. has announced placement of its innovative construction chemicals for usein construction industry

Online PR News – 10-October-2015 – Thane – Mumbai, Maharashtra, 12th September: Gubbi Constrochem Pvt.Ltd. has announced placement of its innovative construction chemicals for use in construction industry.
According to its Press Release today, Gubbi Constro Chem Pvt. Ltd’s has drawn the attention of construction chemicals suppliers about its innovative product, “Rainguard” which is an Elastomeric Paint and announces that it will be future of External Paint. This product is an Elastomeric polymer with property of viscoelasticity (‘elasticity’), generally having notably low Young’s modulus and high yield strain compared with other materials. The coating enables long term protection from vegetation, algae, dust, and atmospheric gases such as CO2, SO2 & chlorides, heat etc.
Gubby Constro Chem also offers many construction chemicals such as, PU Guard, Block Guard, Repairguard (ready to use repair motor), Structureguard (Free flow Micro Concrete), Foam Guard, CLC Guard, Paver Guard, Concrete Guard, Colour Pigments and Aluminum Powder etc., for construction industry.
Gubby Constro Chem’s “Foam Guard” is a Foaming Agent and this concentrate forms suitable bubbles and provides necessary porosity to the foam concrete. The bubbles formed are strong enough to last until the concrete is set at required density. These products are developed by Gubby Constro Chem’s Research & Development cell and are very popular in construction chemicals industry. These construction chemicals manufacturers are versatile and once used, will remain intact for many years. Gubby Constro Chem is a unique company in the field of construction chemicals in India providing many products after a thorough research, such as, Elastomeric coating, Texo-Elastomeric coating, Poly Urethene coating, Epoxy coating, Anti carbonation coating, and Heat Reflective coating for the benefit of construction industry. Among all Construction Chemicals Companies in India, Gubby Constro Chem is also emerging as one of the reputed manufacturers of construction chemicals.
As a contribution to fight against the global warming and to project the era of global building, Gubby Contro Chem explore the possibilities of energy saving and using minimum natural resources. This heat reflective coating chemicals ; reflects up to 60% of the heat load thereby reducing surface temperature. The applied surface dries to tightly packed layers of hard micro spheres to form thermally efficient barriers.

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