Drug Target Review Launches Their New Media Planner for 2016

The publication Drug Target Review today announces the official launch of their new media planner for 2016.

Online PR News – 16-November-2015 – Brasted, United Kingdom – The publication Drug Target Review today announces the official launch of their new media planner for 2016.

"Throughout 2015, we have seen a very successful year unfold, with visitor numbers soaring by more than 400%. These figures show that our audience is becoming more relevant and larger in size to fit our clients' needs" Nic Losardo, Publisher, Drug Target Review.

Responses from their 2015 industry survey confirmed that:
- More than 92% of their community work in Pharma, Biotec or Academia
- 75% of their visitors have influential purchasing power
- They have an online satisfaction rating of over 92%
- More than 73% of their print readers audience are involved directly in the purchasing decisions

Each of their print issues are sent to the top 25 pharmaceutical and top 25 biotechnology companies as well as the leading 25 life science academic institutions. Now that advertising opportunities are nearly sold out for 2015 both digitally and in print, Drug Target Review is now selling advertising space and sponsorship across its portfolio for 2016.

About Drug Target Review
Drug Target Review provides a voice for the drug discovery industry, promoting the latest research and developments, funding projects, and cutting-edge technological developments. We support academia, campus companies, tech transfers, research facilities and Pharma by creating a community with the goal of educating and sharing information and news. This community of diverse individuals is able to keep up to speed with research, news and funding as it happens through print, online and workshops.


For further information, please contact:
Nic Losardo, Publisher
Drug Target Review
T: +44 (0)1959 563311
E: nlosardo@russellpublishing.com
W: http://www.drugtargetreview.com

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Drug Target Review

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