Bryn Mawr Brewing is Now Utepils BrewingŪ

Brewery Opens Spring of 2016 in Bryn Mawr Neighborhood.

Online PR News – 22-November-2015 – Minneapolis, MN, USA – Contact: Noah Rouen | 612-419-6909

Fresh off completing a successful equity raise of $1,225,000, Bryn Mawr Brewing announced it is changing its name to Utepils BrewingŪ, the name of the holding company. The word "utepils" is Norwegian for the first beer enjoyed outdoors in the sunshine after a long, dark winter. The word "ute" means outside and "pils" means beer. The "utepils moment" is widely-anticipated and celebrated every Spring by Norwegian beer drinkers.

In announcing the change to investors, founder Dan Justesen said, "Two years ago, when we embarked on a journey to build a great European-style craft brewery, we christened ourselves Utepils BrewingŪ. Then, after finding the perfect site to build our brewery near the Bryn Mawr neighborhood, we decided to adopt the Bryn Mawr name."

However, a funny thing happened on the way to the trademark office. After researching the trademark for Bryn Mawr Brewing, Justesen and the ownership group discovered a winery of the same name in Oregon. Meanwhile, investors, fans and friends continued to use the Utepils name and hashtag in social media posts - often sporting the Utepils name from the back of t-shirts in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts.

Justesen added, "Utepils quickly became the fan favorite on social media for the brewery. There is nothing more social than enjoying a great beer with friends -- so we are following our fans' lead and building Utepils as our core brand."

Utepils BrewingŪ is steeped in the traditions of European brew masters, but will soon be available close to home in Minneapolis, with plans to distribute regionally and nationally. Construction is now underway for the full-production brewery and taproom being built at the site of the former Glenwood Bottling plant. Utepils BrewingŪ is set to open in early 2016 and will specialize in classic European beer styles and also offer select, special edition seasonal brews.

Special Holiday Offer for VIPER MEMBEERSHIPSŪ

Just in time for the gift-giving season and to celebrate the new brand, Utepils BrewingŪ is offering holiday cheer MEMBEERSHIPSŪ with free beer for 99 years. The exclusive VIPER Program "Very Important Patron, Enthusiast and Recruiter" gives patrons access to the coolest (and only transferable) beer club in town.

Single MEMBEERSHIPsŪ are $1000, but Utepils BrewingŪ has a special holiday offer for the first 100 Couple MEMBEERSHIPS Ū of $1848 per couple, reduced from $1900. 1848 is the founding date of the German brewery that was the original home of the signature copper kettle that will be displayed in our taproom.

Offer is limited to first 100 couple MEMBEERSHIPSŪ and expires December 23, 2015. To reserve your VIPER, email

For more information, visit For media interviews, contact: Dan Justesen | 612-721-5131.

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