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Inspite of the name, shellfish are not a type of fish, however are merely water-dwelling animals. Several types of shellfish (crustaceans in particular) are lit

Online PR News – 26-November-2015 – RI – Inspite of the name, shellfish are not a type of fish, however are merely water-dwelling animals. Several types of shellfish (crustaceans in particular) are literally intensely identical to insects and arachnids, making up one of the main groups of the phylum Arthropoda. Cephalopods (squid, octopus, cuttlefish) and bivalves (clams, oysters) are molluscs, as are snails and slugs.Familiar marine molluscs liked as a food source as a result of humans consist of numerous species of clams, mussels, oysters, winkles, and scallops. Some crustaceans typically eaten are shrimp, lobster, crayfish, and crabs.[1] Echinoderms are not as frequently harvested for foods as molluscs and crustaceans; however, sea urchin roe is quite well known in many areas of the world.Most shellfish eat a diet prepared primarily of phytoplankton and zooplankton.Shellfish are among the most well-known food allergens.Vital Choice sea food In JapanIn the Japanese cuisine, chefs typically use shellfish and their roe in different dishes. Sushi (vinegared rice, topped with other ingredients, including shellfish, fish, meat and vegetables) features both raw and cooked shellfish. Sashimi primarily consists of very fresh raw seafood, sliced into thin pieces. Both of those sushi and sashimi are served with soy sauce and wasabi paste (a Japanese horseradish root, a spice with extremely strong very hot flavor), thinly-sliced pickled ginger root, and a simple garnish such as shiso (a kitchen herb, member of the mint family) or finely shredded daikon radish, or both.In the United StatesLobster in particular is a great delicacy in the United States, where families in the Northeast region make them into the centerpiece of a clam bake, usually for special occasions. Lobsters are eaten on much of the East Coast; the American lobster ranges from Newfoundland down to about the Carolinas, but is most often associated with Maine. A typical meal involves boiling the lobster with some slight seasoning and then serving it with drawn butter, baked potato, and corn on the cob.Clamming is done the two commercially and recreationally along the Northeast coastline of the US. Different type of clams are incorporated into the cuisine of New England. The soft-shelled clam is eaten either fried or steamed (and then called "steamers"). Several styles of clams can be used for clam chowder, but the quahog, a difficult shelled clam also recognised as a chowder clam, is often used since the very long cooking season softens its more challenging meat.

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