ASA Insurance Announces Industry Leading Tips On Making An Insurance Claim

According to recent data, the number of auto insurance loss claims is on the rise.

Online PR News – 10-March-2016 – Salt Lake City, Utah – According to recent data, the number of auto insurance loss claims is on the rise. The numbers show that the frequency of both collision and comprehensive claims rose last year. The numbers also increased on liability insurance claims for property damage. If the data points to any single conclusion, it is that the odds of needing to make an insurance claim are rising. If you have never needed to make a claim, the task may feel daunting. The car insurance store is providing drivers with tips on how to make a claim.

Most people who drive will eventually be faced with filing a car insurance claim. It is important to know how to follow all of the correct steps in order to get a reimbursement for damages. There are a number of different types of claims. Bodily injury claims cover medical expenses that may result due to an accident. Damage claims cover vehicle repairs and even stolen property.

Even if you are unsure of your policy coverage, it is important to file a claim

Your claim should always be filed as soon as possible following the event that caused the damage. Drivers should not put off this important step. Many people only think of filing a claim immediately after a collision. However, claims should be filed for any type event that results in damage to your vehicle. Vandalism is one example of an event that may be covered. Damage from severe weather or a fire may also be covered by your policy. A wide range of coverage can be found by searching for car insurance in Salt Lake City.

“Even if you are unsure of your policy coverage, it is important to file a claim,” says Creed Anderson of ASA Insurance, a premier auto insurance company in Salt Lake City. “Talking to your agent about a plan of action is the best way to find out all of the options available to you.”

Your car insurer is able to help guide you through the claim process from beginning to end. Be prepared for your initial call to your insurance company by having all of the necessary information on hand. You will need to provide your policy number and other personal information to establish your identity. Gather as much information as possible about the event that occurred in order to pass on every available detail to your insurer. Even information that you may not feel is noteworthy may be of importance to the claim.

Keep a copy of the names, addresses and phone numbers of all of the drivers involved in the accident. Request contact information from any available witnesses as well. Driver’s license and license plate numbers should also be recorded. If a police report was filed you will want to request a copy of the report.

Some drivers are hesitant to make a claim for fears that their rates will go up. Don’t let this fear keep you from filing a claim. Insurance is designed to provide compensation for your damages. It is important to know that rates do not always increase following an accident. If you weren’t at fault for the accident your rates may not increase. Many policies also include accident forgiveness in order to prevent rate hikes. Search auto insurance in Salt Lake City in order to find out more about filing auto claims.

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