Invicta Pro Diver Chronograph 200M 0075 Men

The Invicta Pro Diver Chronograph 200M 0075 Men's Watch uses the classic chronograph layout and contemporary features to match it.

Online PR News – 19-April-2016 – Paris – The Invicta Pro Diver Chronograph 200M 0075 Men's Watch is one that both looks good and keeps good time. No; it looks brilliant and works perfectly! It also has a good weight to it.

All that comes for a fraction of what you would otherwise pay for a high-end quality both in built and materials! This is wholly different from the designer labels that do the same job but you need to pay a fortune for. With this Invicta Pro Diver Chronograph 200M 0075 Men's Watch, you simply can't go wrong.

The watch simply looks great. This is one of the trouble-free watches that allow rough handling and zero care (you got to sometimes dry-wipe it though to keep it shining) and still goes with you to any party where gleam, glam and shine are a part of the story. They stand a witness to the quality, value and care Invicta is long known for putting into every piece they create. Its spirit is that of a never-ending possibility’s.

This Invicta PRO-DIVER, like the rest in the family, is stylishly classic and forged with a boldness coming from its subtle variations in colours, designs and accents. A confident prowess shows through it, its fortitude and functions making the Pro Diver Chronograph an essential part of mid-sea Tuna hunting on your yacht. It is for times when quintessential performance is a need.

The Invicta Pro Diver Chronograph 200M 0075 Men's Watch uses the classic chronograph layout and contemporary features to match it. The gold-plated stainless steel and transient changes on dial colours give it a versatile range of places and situations to fit into. The fold-over safety clasp imparts an added security when your hands are engaged in some vigorous activity. The large crown with prominent edges ensure you do not lose grip even when its wet all around and the two bold buttons make operating the chronograph easy and precise. Even though it’s a Swiss quartz movement, it is user response that makes it work. The sensibly large buttons turn the process easier.

Covering the pleasantly colourful dial is a durable Flamefusion crystal that can stand impacts and pressure many times that of ordinary mineral and also more shatter proof than sapphire. It might not be completely invincible (even Achilles had his heels) but very, very close to it.

It is Invicta’s quest for innovation and knack of nurturing consistency that made them come up with such quality and brand personality. A supremely-crafted timepiece offered at a modest sum, the Montre Invicta Homme Chronograph 200M 0075 Men's Watch holds true to the brand’s objectives with its expertise, execution and overall efficiency. It stays intrinsic to the brand’s inventive reputation for its forward-thinking energy!

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