Anita Bose Launched “Solution to Stress: Yoga for Stress Relief & Stress Management” in Amazon Kndle

Anita Bose has just launched her 2nd book on healing power of Yoga titled “Solution to Stress: Yoga for Stress Relief & Stress Management” in Amazon’s Kindle.

Online PR News – 30-April-2016 – Kolkata – Kolkata, April 30, 2016: Anita Bose, an alumna of the prestigious Presidency College, a scholar of yogic philosophy has just launched her 2nd book on healing power of Yoga titled “Solution to Stress: Yoga for Stress Relief & Stress Management” in Amazon’s Kindle. In this book she has laid down methods that are capable of replacing tension and suffering with relaxation and normalcy.
This book is primarily based on a combination of healthy diet and yoga/meditation exercises. According to the authoress the aim of this book is to give its readers an in-depth knowledge about the causes of stress and then suggest remedies that can reduce the level of anxiety & suffering, making the situation manageable and awaken the innate power of healing within a human body. She opined that “There is no sure cure medicine for stress. The so called stress medicines only numb the symptoms of stress. When stress become unbearable tranquilizer type medicines like Ibuprofen and Prozac may be helpful in subsiding stress symptoms fast and you might get ample temporary relief. The frightening part is that medical treatments often do more harm than good. A satisfactory Solution to Stress can come from two separate routes. That is right food choices & Yoga Meditation which also includes beneficial breathing exercises. And this book is extensively written on these two golden paths to lead a stress free life.”

This kindle book is now available for sale worldwide exclusively via Amazon. For more information visit
About the Author
With an ardent interest in the authentic traditional values she grew up with, Anita Bose is living in London for the past four decades. In her late fifties, she was detected with an advanced stage of cancer. After a major surgery and prolonged radiation, her health broke down completely. General weakness and side-effect of relatively long use of strong medicines started to show various other disease symptoms. The sudden health fiasco took away her will to live. Then her husband, thinking that a change may do well to her, brought her back to Calcutta and got her enrolled in Yoga School of Meditation. Within six weeks, she started to feel stronger physically, and mentally relaxed. Hence she became attached to healthy diet, correct breathing techniques and eventually stopped taking medicines. Having benefited so much from yoga meditation, she resolved to persuade the world at large to take interest in a straightforward, inexpensive, tested and proven method to keep fit. Bose now runs multiple websites to promote the benefits of yoga and healthy diet at a global level.


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