Uber and Lyft Win in Palm Beach County

Uber and Lyft win another battle in Palm Beach County, United States over regulatory issues.

Online PR News – 13-May-2016 – Chennai – Uber and Lyft win another battle in Palm Beach County, United States over regulatory issues. The companies have been given approval to operate in the county after the commission gave a 5-1 vote in April, 2016. The process was however not that easy as the commissioner Paulette Burdick feels that the safety of the passengers might be compromised due to poor background checks. She feels this is lowering the standards of Palm beach County. She insisted that Uber and Lyft drivers should undergo fingerprinting similar to the Rule that made the taxi and limo drivers back in 2014.

The commissioners also pointed out the instance were Uber agreed to pay $25 million in California to settle claims that showed the poor background checks to the customers. According to the new rule in Palm Beach uber and Lyft can carry on their own background checks rather than the countyís fingerprinting. However to encourage fingerprinting the commission has lowered the fees by 50 percent for vehicle-for-hire companies to undergo fingerprinting. Uber spokesperson Cesar Fernandez stated that Uberís background checks were sound and fool-proof. The check includes scrutinizing several documents like driverís license, social security number, proof of insurance and Vehicle registration.He also praised the commission for drafting the regulations in favor of Uber. However the commission raised its concern regarding minorsí transportation norms. According to Uber norms the driver cannot take an unaccompanied minor, for a ride but many of the drivers are unaware of the rule and ferry kids to schools. Uber has given its word that the drivers will be educated of the rule.

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