Chad Christian Clift Makes Donation to Local Homeless Shelter

Local business owner Chad Christian Clift made a donation to local homeless shelter Cover for Kindness last week.

Online PR News – 17-May-2016 – Seattle, Washington, USA – Chad Christian Clift made a donation to local homeless shelter Cover for Kindness last week, a donation he hopes will allow the nonprofit organization to provide more services for his community’s homeless and struggling population. Clift believes in the power of private donations and in the work that Cover for Kindness has been doing.

Cover for Kindness was founded in 1996, while Chad Christian Clift was living and working in New York City trying to be a head chef for a top New York restaurant. Clift returned to Mossy Rock after he worked in New York and got his degree in Culinary Arts from Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in 2001 to open his community restaurant Swanky’s. Clift took a charitable approach with Swanky’s from its first day, and has been active in finding ways to help people who need it the most living in Mossy Rock. Cover for Kindness provides beds for those with nowhere else to go, a kitchen for those who are in need of hot meals, and its volunteers work individually with the less fortunate individuals in Mossy Rock.

Chad Christian Clift wanted to be a part of Cover for Kindness because he believes in the power of community. Clift saw the community support for Swanky’s and he knew that his friends and neighbors in Mossy Rock are ready, willing, and able to support local charities and community kitchens like his Swanky’s. He wanted to be a part of the community commitment to giving back and providing places where everyone could gather and be welcomed in Mossy Rock.

Chad Christian Clift has worked hard since returning home to Mossy Rock in 2001 to provide what he calls “the mortar” of the community, the substance that binds all the bricks in the structure together. He wants his community to be as strong as possible, able to support everyone who wants to call Mossy Rock home. His recent and ongoing donations to Cover for Kindness is a part of his overall vision for his community and how he wants it to grow and look like in the future.

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