Edisons Launches a Huge Variety of Welders

Edisons, one of the leading suppliers of home, garden and outdoor machinery products, is a big name in the Australian market

Online PR News – 21-May-2016 – Penrith, NSW – Edisons, one of the leading suppliers of home, garden and outdoor machinery products, is a big name in the Australian market taking over the retailers with a big name to support. Our inception back in 2006 was a turning point for our company to establish its name in the industry only to be fixed in every Australian resident’s mind.

We understand the role played by welders in one’s life. Welding is a process of combining or joining two resources together by melting them. These resources can be metals or thermoplastics. With several advancements made in the technology, the devices used to join two metals together have also become advanced.

We have launched with a huge variety of welders that make best quality cuts and welds. Types of welders that we have launched are

MIG welders
TIG welders
Arc welders
Plasma Cutters

We agree that when it comes to buying a product, people usually find themselves in an overwhelming situation. But looking for the right welder does not have to be a complicated process leaving the buyer in a dilemma. As long as one has the right information and knowledge, they can easily purchase their choice of welder.

We provide shipping on all our range of welders absolutely free of charge. But we do recommend a checklist to consider by every buyer so that they don’t buy a type of welder which does not work to their advantage. For buying a compatible welder, one has to consider its size. One has to know what size of welder would be appropriate for its proper use, and its size largely depends on the amperage a welder can generate while being used.

Edisons has launched a wide range of welders that are durable and premium quality. Designed to take a beating at every step of the way, our welders’ durability is incomparable. We offer various spare parts and after sale services.

A lot has contributed to our success story making us shine over the top as we currently employ over 100 staff and operating a huge logistics network of 8 warehouses spread over more than 20,000 square metres.

We pride ourselves for already introducing a faster and reliable version of ourselves. We moved heaven and earth to provide the right assistance to over 50,000 Aussies when it came to keep aside their hundreds of dollars on the products above.

Contact Information
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