Muhammad Ali Memorial Statement from Family of Music Legend James Brown

Muhammad Ali Memorial Statement from Christian Van St John & Daryl J Brown Family of Music Legend James Brown

Online PR News – 12-June-2016 – June 10 2016 Los Angeles California – Muhammad Ali and James Brown\'s timeless, close, and historic friendship from the \"Rumble In The Jungle\" to impacting societal and civil rights causes together, reflected two iconic American originals whose towering God given talents literally shaped the course of 20th century America, and significantly manifested the greatness of the spirit of resilience, and the intelligence of the Black identity that reverberated throughout the nation and around the world.Their brotherly historic friendship exemplified symbols of what dedication to one\'s talents could encapsulate, and to what commitment to causes greater than themselves could achieve in the face of surmounted malevolent stratagems, and manifestations of a fragmented nation.Today as we celebrate and honor the Life of Muhammad Ali and the reflection of his friendship with James Brown, may the angelic hosts open wide the gates of heaven for these two transformational Royal iconic figures, who are now joined together again around the throne of God, that they may continue inspiring the world now and for all time to come. May God\'s peace be upon Muhammad Ali and his family, and may true peace and Love be upon all. Christian Van St John & Daryl J Brown Family of Music Legend James Brown.

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