New York State Proposes New Regulations for Toxic Chemicals in Children’s Products

New York State Assembly has passed a proposal to regulate toxic chemicals in children’s products.

Online PR News – 16-June-2016 – Geneva, Switzerland – New York State Assembly has passed a proposal to regulate toxic chemicals in children’s products. If the bill becomes law, it will introduce a number of new provisions that will impact upon businesses working in this sector. Companies are now advised to check compliance in order to safeguard future production.

On May 4, 2016, the New York State Assembly passed Assembly Bill 5612-A to regulate hazardous chemicals in children’s products. ‘The Child Safe Products Act’ is now awaiting deliberation by the Senate and, if passed, will come into effect 120 days after it is signed into law.

The bill contains a number of important provisions concerning chemicals, that will have an impact on certain economic operators. These include:

• Creating an initial list of 83 chemicals of high concern (CHCs)
• Creating an initial list of ten priority chemicals (PCs). Children’s products containing these chemicals would be banned from 2019
• Requiring the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to publish a list of CHCs and PCs
• Requiring the manufacturer of children’s products to report the presence of intentionally-added PCs
• Requiring information on PCs in children’s products to be communicated along the supply chain
• Providing an exemption to small manufacturers of children’s products with no more than five employees and that are independently owned or operated

The ten priority chemicals, which the law seeks to ban from 2019, are:

• Arsenic and its compounds
• Antimony and its compounds
• Asbestos
• Benzene
• Cadmium
• Cobalt and its compounds
• Formaldehyde
• Lead and its compounds
• Mercury and its compounds
• Tris(1,3-dichloro-2-propyl) phosphate

If this bill is eventually signed into law, New York will join Maine, Oregon, Washington and Vermont in requiring full disclosure of toxic chemicals in children’s products.
Companies are now advised to check they are compliant with current and proposed regulations. Through their global network of laboratories, SGS are able to provide a full-range of services, including analytical testing and consultancy for priority chemicals and other restricted substances in children’s products for the US and international markets.

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