Patricia Montclair Signs with Monica L. Fitzpatrick

Patricia Montclair, author of the five-star Summer Lust trilogy, has just signed with Emmy- Winning Editor, Monica L. Fitzpatrick, for her editing needs.

Online PR News – 20-June-2016 – Cleveland, Ohio – Patricia Montclair, author of Summer Lust: The Virgin Rhapsody, Summer Lust II: The Vampire Rhapsody, and Summer Lust III: The Club Rhapsody has chosen Emmy Winning Editor, Monica L. Fitzpatrick, to proofread and line-edit the next manuscript of The Club Rhapsody for the paperback edition.
"Ms. Fitzpatrick happened to be reading one of my books, and found two errors," said Ms. Montclair. "I was astonished that she could find any errors in a book that had gone through three rounds of edits plus beta readers. She was kind enough to contact me and share the information."
Ms. Fitzpatrick stated that "I love Patricia's writing and I just noticed the errors. I couldn't decide at first if I should tell her, but I took the chance that she would want to know...and here were are."
In addition to the work on the paperback edition of Summer Lust III: The Club Rhapsody, the contract includes a clause for Patricia's next book. When asked about this, Ms. Montclair said, "I am not ready to share the details, but rest and assure, I have not retired Jasmine and Alfredo, yet. I hope to have the paperback edition of Summer Lust III: The Club Rhapsody out before the end of September, and because of Monica, I am certain it will be a pristine edition."

Contact Information
Cleveland Ohio, 44111