Increasingly Multicultural Britain Seeks Multilingual Hospitality Staff

The Training Terminal is a renowned hospitality training provider synonymous with quality. The group offers a range of CPD accredited courses

Online PR News – 20-June-2016 – London – Britain is a proudly multicultural society, with a workforce to match. Hospitality upskilling hub The Training Terminal is supporting diversity with a range of sector specific courses, available in ten different languages. For Britainís multinational workforce itís a new opportunity to level the learning playing field, and upskill in the language of their choice.

Online, both existing and aspiring hospitality professionals can enrol in CPD accredited training courses that speak their language. Current options include Polish, Spanish, Russian, French, Greek, Italian, German, Portuguese and Simple Chinese. All are presented in slideshow format, with multilingual tutors on hand to assist with any questions, queries or requests.

Britain champions a thriving hospitality scene, with a large portion of roles filled by foreign employees. From recreational travellers to permanent immigrants, the UKís multicultural populace is often in search of food, beverage and entertainment roles. Until now, upskilling opportunities havenít aligned with the multicultural demographic of the workforce. The Training Terminal exists to reimagine hospitality training, with courses available in ten different languages, including English.

ďWeíve identified a gap in hospitality training available in languages other than English. The reality is that a large portion of Britainís hospitality workers do hail from countries such as Poland, Spain, Russia, France and Greece. We believe that in order to receive a fair go, all multicultural wait staff, bar persons and other hospitality professionals should enjoy the same opportunity to ace exams in their native language,Ē says Mark Illingworth, Commercial Director.

The 2011 National Census revealed just how multicultural Britain is, with London celebrated as one of the most ethnically diverse cities on Earth. 37% of its population were born outside the UK, including 24.5% born outside of Europe. A recent article published in The Guardian confirmed the cityís colourful personality, with over 300 different languages spoken in the capital, and more than 50 non-indigenous communities made up of more than 10,000 individuals. This makes it the most linguistically multicultural part of the United Kingdom, with a huge 22.1% of its residents speaking a main language other than English.

Ingrid Blohm, Content Director, says, ďBritain is home to a bustling hospitality scene, which employs a huge number of multicultural staff. While most do speak English, itís not their first language. As far as learning is concerned, content is far more effective when delivered in the native tongue. Thatís why we offer all our courses in ten different languages, chosen to match the multicultural make-up of the UK.Ē

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