The Pipe Surgeon Now Specializing in Saugus Area Drain Cleaning

The Pipe Surgeon is a locally based company run by Jared Derrico.

Online PR News – 02-July-2016 – Saugus , MA,USA – The Pipe Surgeon is a locally based company run by Jared Derrico. The business specializes in cleaning out your clogged, backed-up drainage systems while also diagnosing other pipe problems. They urge customers to utilize preventative maintenance measures as well to avoid severe plumbing damage in the long-term.

The Pipe Surgeon utilizes some of the most high-tech capabilities in the plumbing industry. High definition video inspections for example put a camera down the path of your plumbing or septic system. The company can analyze the integrity of the pipes from the interior and can also pinpoint the exact location and cause of blockages and slow drain.

The implementation of a high-pressured water jet has also made plumbing cleaning and maintenance more efficient. By using water to create a clear path for water the customer avoids any damage from chemical reactions and oxidation. A water jet also offers a more thorough cleaning of the pipe walls an area that the traditional rotary snake tools sometimes struggle with.

Areas of the Home Serviced

Commercial and residential properties have drains almost everywhere you look. The standard problem areas include tubs that are lined with hair, sinks filled with food debris, or toilets failing to meet high usage demands. Many utility rooms also contain a floor drainage system for the evacuation of condensation from an HVAC system. A garage or driveway drain is another high-risk area for blockage because of the amount of debris that is kicked about in those areas. On a flat or low-slope roof there's also a drain that is used to send the water down to the ground level in an efficient manner.

Whenever any one of these drain and pipe systems become blocked the water starts to back up. The damage can range anywhere from a slight inconvenience all the way up to hundreds or thousands of dollars caused by a flooded second story bathroom or a septic system backed up into the yard.

The Pipe Surgeon recommends implementing an annual drain maintenance plan to avoid these issues at all costs. The company can be reached at 617-797-2225 or via email at

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