Kiserenaís New CiSe Lawn Aerator Shoes Is Now On Amazonís Top Manual Lawn Aerators List

Kiserena has finally introduced to their CiSe Lawn Aerator Shoes which continue to amaze customers with its effectiveness in aerating the lawn.

Online PR News – 18-July-2016 – South Riding, VA – Just recently, the Kiserena Company has announced the new and successful launch of companyís latest product on, the CiSe Lawn Aerator Shoes with three Velcro Straps and metal buckles. These aeration sandals penetrates the soil to let air, water, and fertilizer go down deep into grass roots, promoting greener, healthier lawn.

Kiserenaís new CiSe Lawn Aerator Shoes product is currently available on ( and is well-received by several customers as they have written on their reviews on the site how well these yard aerators have helped them in keeping their lawn green and healthy.

Each package includes 2 molded bases, 26 two-inch steel spikes, 39 bolts, 6 Velcro straps with metal buckles, a small wrench, and instructions. These aerator shoes are not only effective for lawn aeration but also an affordable way to keep the lawn healthy. These aeration sandals are also claimed to be heavy duty and simple to use.

The product is backed by the companyís 100% risk-free money back guarantee and lifetime warranty for safe online purchases and complete customer satisfaction. If at any time the customer is not satisfied, they simply have to return the product and get a full refund or replacement.

Kiserena said that they are very grateful and proud of their new lawn aerator shoes product as it provides complete satisfaction to their customers.

The company also added that the customer reviews for the product shows that people are amazed by how the aerator sandals are working out well and successfully for them and their lawn, making the product a good addition to Amazonís top manual lawn aerators at present.

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Kiserena LLC is dedicated to finding and offering top quality items that are sought-after and appealing. The items currently offered include the CiSe Lawn Aerator Shoes ( which are available exclusively on Amazon. The company has established itself as a brand known for a commitment to provide thoughtful, top-quality and intuitively designed products.

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