Mexico Plans New Standard for Formaldehyde in Composite Woods

Mexico is proposing the introduction of a new national standard to encompass formaldehyde emissions and content in composite woods.

Online PR News – 22-July-2016 – Geneva, Switzerland – Mexico is proposing the introduction of a new national standard to encompass formaldehyde emissions and content in composite woods. Companies are advised to seek assistance in making sure their products remain compliant.

The Mexican government is seeking to establish a maximum permissible emission level and content level for formaldehyde in particleboard wood and fibreboard timber. The new regulations relate to products made using urea formaldehyde and also encompass products made using these types of board.

On April 19, 2016, Mexico published Proposed Official Mexican Standard PROY-NOM-203-SCFI-2015 [1] which requires particleboard and fibreboard, and products made using these materials, to undergo testing and certification to make sure they conform to the formaldehyde limits set in the standard. This new proposal will apply to both domestic and imported products.

To remain compliant with Mexican legislation, such composite woods and products made from composite woods, must adhere to either of the following Mexican Standards:

• Mexican Standard NMX-C-462-ONNCCE Chapter 7.8 for formaldehyde emissions
• Mexican Standard NMX-C-462-ONNCCE Chapter 7.9 for formaldehyde content

The proposed standard considers the limits for content and emissions to be equivalent and so satisfying either existing standard is deemed demonstrative of compliance.

The new standard represents a change for manufacturers, importers and retailers of composite wood products in Mexico, and companies are advised to seek assistance in order to remain compliant.

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