Hubbard Dianetics Foundation Working to Help People with Stress, Anxiety and Depression

The Hubbard Dianetics Foundation holds a weekly seminar to help people address depression, anxiety, and stress.

Online PR News – 28-July-2016 – Nashville, TN – What is the source of our stress, anxiety, and insecurities? How do we overcome it? These questions have been answered for hundreds in Middle Tennessee, and in just the period of two days.

The Hubbard Dianetics Foundation, a department within the Church of Scientology Celebrity Centre Nashville, was first launched in 2009. For anyone who has experienced self-doubt, depression, anxiety or unreasonable fears, the book Dianetics: the Modern Science of Mental Health is the resource to turn to for answers and guidance.

The book was written in 1950 for the man on the street to better himself and the lives of others around him. Now, more than six decades later, its impact is still felt across the world. Dianetics means “what the soul is doing to the body through the mind.” Taking the seminar, participants not only gain personally, but also learn to help others.

The Hubbard Dianetics Seminar runs each weekend, and participants are welcome to call or visit the Foundation to sign up in advance. “This seminar is life changing,” says the Hubbard Dianetics Seminar Director, “Everyone who has been to the seminar leaves feeling better and with the knowledge that they can continue to improve their lives.” For more information, visit or call the Hubbard Dianetics Foundation at 615-687-4600.

Contact Information
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Hubbard Dianetics Foundation
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